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Is it Safe to Have Rhinoplasty in India?

Hi! I live in US but in two weeks I'm going to India to get a rhinoplasty done. I'm scared to death! And not about pain but about the result.... READ MORE

How Safe is Rhinoplasty?

I am considering getting rhinoplasty but am a little worried about the procedure. Is it safe? Is it simple? READ MORE

Nasal Valve Collapse Surgery?

I have been told that I have nasal valve collapse on both sides 3 months post op. I was wondering when a revision could be performed, and if this is a... READ MORE

Is Having Rhinoplasty Safe if You're Pregnant?

What if you're pregnant and you're scheduled to have a Rhinoplasty for a deviated septum, will it be safe to push through with the surgery? I am... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Sleep Flat After Rhinoplasty?

I know you should sleep at a 30-45 degree angle immediately after surgery to reduce swelling, but sleeping that way has become painful and I always... READ MORE

Nose Secret: DIY rhinoplasty, safe or unsafe? (Photo)

Hi there doctors, so there's a product I recently bumped into during my research, it's called nose secret. Basically, the way it works is that you... READ MORE

How Soon After Rhinoplasty is It Safe to Fly Home?

If I get a rhinoplasty out of town, how many days must I wait to fly home? Does it depend on the length of the flight? What kind of risks am I taking... READ MORE

Zyrtec-D before surgery?

I'm about three weeks away from rhinoplasty, and I am aware that at two weeks I need to stop my multi-vitamin & ibuprofen intake. I know the list of... READ MORE

Is Adding Grafts to Nose Tip Safe?

Would it be safe to add tip grafts (ear/rib) to increase the length and sharpness of the nose tip, without making it bulky because I have thick skin? ... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Masterbate/have Sex a Month After Rhinoplasty?

I had my rhinoplasty about a month ago, all in all I'm really really happy with the results except a tiny bit of scar tissue at the tip which isn't... READ MORE

I Will Be Flying 2 Days After my Nose Job. The Flight is 3 Hours Long, is This Safe?

Is it safe to take a short flight (3 hours) 2 days after a nose job? I have read that this can cause more swelling and possibly bleeding. Is there... READ MORE

Flying prior to surgery. Is it safe?

I am due to go on holiday 2 weeks before my surgery, returning exactly a week before my rhinoplasty operation. Is it reasonably safe to travel on a... READ MORE

I have considered a surgeon but he only uses twilight sedation. Is Twilight Anesthesia Safe for Rhinoplasty?

I have considered a surgeon but he only uses twilight sedation. I heard negative stories about this type of anesthesia. I am having a complete... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Fill the Dent Left After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 8 months ago and my PS said that my cartilage had shifted a little. He recommended using Radiesse to fill in the dent on the one... READ MORE

Is Kenalog Injection Safe for Pregnant Woman?

I am pregnant and had rhinoplasty 6 mons ago but my nose look bigger than my old nose. READ MORE

How Safe and Effective is It to Cut the Depressor Septi Muscle?

My nose tip tends to droop with facial animation. I have heard that cutting the depressor septi muscle can help alleviate this problem. However, I am... READ MORE

Is it Okay to Use Biore Nose Strips on my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

My pores are really CLOGGED? ro A I'm 8 months post op but my nose is still very swollen. I don't know will the strips make it worse or not. READ MORE

Taking Glucosamine After Rhinoplasty

I had a nose job done years ago, where some cartilage in my nose was removed or reshaped. I wanted to take glucosamine for my joints, but heard that... READ MORE

Is it safe to use Bactroban ointment inside my nose, not the nasal one the regular one?

My surgeon prescript me Bactroban ointment for one week to help with crusting inside my nose that he said it is due to staph infection. but he... READ MORE

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