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Is my Nose Tip Too Round Following Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty done four months ago, and I feel that the end or tip of my nose from profile view looks a little round. Also, there are two lines on... READ MORE

2 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty and Swelling

Hey doctors im now exactly 8 weeks post op rhinoplasty and it seems i have a lot of swelling, but unfortunatly a lot of you have written in other... READ MORE

Can the Roundness of the Nose Be Reduced?

I have a round ball-like nose. Can just the ball be reduced? How much will that cost? And is there a way to do it without anesthesia? READ MORE

Nostrils Show After Rhinoplasty - Will This Change Once Swelling Reduces?

I had a rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago to date and I am extremely worried about the initial results. My nose seems too high, round and my nostrils are... READ MORE

Tip Definition Via Rhinoplasty Difficult for Ethnic Nose?

Is it difficult to get definition via Rhinoplasty with a bulbous ethnic nose? How much change in appearance can one expect if it looks round and the... READ MORE

Will my Nostrils (In Time) Look More Circular Instead of the 'Pinched' Look?

I had my nose bridge narrowed and alar base reduction. Its been 14 days since my surgery and I wanted to know if its extreme swelling where the arrows... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Correct Thick, Wide Nose?

I'm wondering what kind of result I could expect from rhinoplasty when the tip of my nose is very wide and round and I want a more defined, sharper... READ MORE

Exact Rhinoplasty Procedure for Bulbous Tip?

Is there an exact Rhinoplasty procedure for round nose tip or a bulbous one? Thanks a lot again. READ MORE

When Will my Nose Look Less Like a Pig?

I just got my cast off today 8 days post op, I'm 15 years old so I'm healing really fast. My tip looks really round and my nose just looks really fat... READ MORE

Increasing Nasal Tip Protrusion

Hi, my nose is striaght & well proportioned, but the lower third of my nose is rounded due to my poor tip protrusion. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Is my Tip Too Round Following Rhinoplasty? Revision Necessary? (photo)

I had a closed Rhinoplasty procedure 5 months ago (July 29). One of the goals was to have my bulbous tip reduced and narrowed. I am still not pleased... READ MORE

Nose Surgery to Fix Thick and Round African American Nose?

I have a somewhat average nose for an African American. However, it is very round at the tip. I really don't like it cause makes my nose look... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Give me the Profile I Desire?

I Have a Rounded Nose Tip and Am Interested in a Less Droopy, Less Round Look. Is this possible? I am not sure what profile I fit into, I'm... READ MORE

Is a tip rhinoplasty relevant in my case?

I have a low bridge and a round tip. From the side, the round tip sticks out a tiny bit more than the bridge (imagine a ski jump nose with a rounder... READ MORE

Why is the Tip Slighty Pointy but Above It is Still Round After Tip Rhinoplasty?

I know that it is still early, it has only been 7 days, but I am worried because I can see that the tip itself is more pointed yet the other part of... READ MORE

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