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Do Non-surgical Nose Fillers Have Any Long-term Effects?

Does the non-surgical nose job have any long-term effects? Have injectable fillers been FDA approved for use on the nose? I was wondering if the... READ MORE

What Are the Possible Risks in Shaving Down Nose Hump?

I have small hump on my nose (dorsal) part of the prominence resulted from and injury and part I feel was inherited? I never really noticed before I... READ MORE

How Likely Will Potentially Deadly Risks from Rhinoplasty Occur?

I'll be having a rhinoplasty soon with a doctor in New Orleans, and I really feel confident in his expertise. However, when I went to sign the papers,... READ MORE

Are There Risks in Flying After Rhinoplasty?

I'm planning to have a Rhinoplasty augmentation overseas. However, I've read on the newspaper before that someone's Breast augmentation collapsed in... READ MORE

How Safe is Rhinoplasty?

I am considering getting rhinoplasty but am a little worried about the procedure. Is it safe? Is it simple? READ MORE

Risk of Having a Rhinoplasty with a Cold?

I've had a cold for a few weeks now and I can't get rid of it (tried inhalations, salted water, etc but still there). My Rhinoplasty had already been... READ MORE

What Are The Risks Of Removing A Bump From The Bridge Of My Nose?

Basically i have a small/medium sized nose wich is nice other than the bump in the bridge of the nose makes me feel really uncomftable and iv... READ MORE

Is Light Sniffling and Nose Breathing OK 1 Day Post Op?

Hello, I am one day post op and was wondering if light sniffling and breathing out of my nose is ok to do? I am breathing out of my mouth as much as I... READ MORE

Reducing Nose Length Riskier Than Other Nose Jobs?

Is it true that performing a Rhinoplasty to shorten a long nose, which also involves reducing the nostrils for females, more difficult to perform than... READ MORE

How Soon After Rhinoplasty is It Safe to Fly Home?

If I get a rhinoplasty out of town, how many days must I wait to fly home? Does it depend on the length of the flight? What kind of risks am I taking... READ MORE

Will Touching my Nose and Nostrils After Rhinoplasty Affect my Final Results?

I had rhinoplasty to correct nostril size and a bump on the bridge of my nose 2 weeks ago. I didnt have any grafts. I have been touching my nose often... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery in South Korea. How much would it cost? And is there any risk in South Korea?

I'm moving to South Korea to teach English in November and I want to get a nose job there. I have a very large hook nose and I was wondering if they... READ MORE

Yawning After Septorhinopasty

I keep yawning...and find it hard to control it. I am 2 weeks post op. Sometimes when I yawn, it makes me flare my nostrils which I can't control,... READ MORE

Too Scared of General Anaesthetic?

I have some anxiety issues, and can have panic attacks from time to time... A couple of years ago I had surgery on my nose which left me with a saddle... READ MORE

Can't Stop Smoking Before my Rhinoplasty, is 2-3 Weeks Pre-Op Enough TIme?

My surgery is on february 4th and my doctor told me I should atleast stop smoking a whole month before my surgery and after the surgery. I think I can... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Surgery Make my Breathing Worse?

I am want a cosmetic rhinoplasty to make my nose smaller. Is there any chance my breathing could get worse because of the rhinoplasty surgery? READ MORE

Is Raising the Nose Bridge a Risky Surgery?

My nose points down. Is raiseing the nose bridge risky? My nose is so bad fillers wont work... READ MORE

Going Back to Boxing After Tip Rhinoplasty?

I'm a boxer and recently had Rhinoplasty. I didn't have anything done with the bone or anything like that; I only had my droopy tip raised. I believe... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Gore-tex and Ear Cartilage

My question focused on the material I plan to use for my nose Rhinoplasty. If I were to use ear cartilage for my tip and gore-tex for my nose bridge,... READ MORE

Smoking Before Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty consultation yesterday and as of now, my surgery date is April 3. I threw away my cigarettes and don't plan on starting again. I... READ MORE

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