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If Rib Cartilage is Used For My Rhinoplasty, How Long Will it Last?

If I choice the rub cartilage to use for my rhinoplasty how many years will it last   READ MORE

Where Does Donor Rib Cartilage Come From?

Does donor rib cartilage come from a living donor or the deceased ? READ MORE

Cartilage Taken from my Ear or Rib for Rhinoplasty. How Much Does This Increase the Risks?

I have had septoplasty (which has not improved my breathing). I am now considering rhinoplasty for a bump at the bridge and to help reshape the tip.... READ MORE

Rib Cartilage Graft and Weightlifting

I have been doing research about how instead of using Gore-Tex or Silicone to make a nose bridge, you can use rib cartilage. If the surgeon says we... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Rib Bone but It Absorbed Too Much. What Can I Do Now?

I have a Asian nose,and I‘ve done rhinoplasty with a rib bone not cartilage. Unfortunately,it shrinks and absorbed too much. I can't afford... READ MORE

Is rib cartilage placed on the bridge more likely to warp?

Is rib cartilage placed on the bridge more likely to warp than say a rib cartilage placed near the tip? Or is the likelihood of warping the same and... READ MORE

I had rib cartilage grafts implanted on the sides of my nose. Can these be easily removed w/ no damage? (photo)

So I had rib cartiladge rhinoplasty to correct a over recessed nose job. The surgeon recommended those "noble" implants to help enhance the look.... READ MORE

How long does a Rhinoplasty with rib cartilage usually take?

Some doctors say 7 hours, and others say 2 hours. I am confused. Thanks! READ MORE

Does the rib implant fuse with your cartilage or your skin?

Does the rib implant fuse with your cartilage or your skin? Also does the new rib implant block the blood supply from the skin to the original nose... READ MORE

My nose is crooked due to the rib cartilage warping in my columella; what do I do? (Photos)

My nose is now crooked due to the rib cartilage that was used in my columella to receive my sunken face and give my nose projection. Not has it made... READ MORE

Best options for a tertiary rhinoplasty? Man-made Implants vs rib cartilage?

Unfortunately 7 years after revision rhinoplasty my nose has twisted and hasn't stood the test of time. The surgeon is willing to fix it but wants to... READ MORE

Nose surgery rib cartilage; why does my nose look like this? (Photo)

I did it for 3 weeks and why my nose like this ? Is it normal and will be find? My doctor said bec he took the tissue from 2 side, Rib cartilage will... READ MORE

Onlay Grafting Techniques - can it be composed of partial rib cartilage.

Can an onlay graft be composed of partial rib cartilage to augment the nasofrontal angle and build up the bony base, while ear and septal is used to... READ MORE

Using rib cartilage for graft in older patient?

I've been told that using rib cartilage for a graft in an older patient is not advisable because it may be partially calcified and so more... READ MORE

I had Rhinoplasty with rib cartilage. Hard bumps have formed on the inside of my nose. Will this resolve on its own? (photo)

The bumps are hard & larger on one side then the other but, are on both sides on the top insides of my nostrils and lower on one side. The Dr.... READ MORE

So Cal surgeons for reconstructive rhinoplasty? (Photos)

Someone who has experience doing a similar kind of rhinoplasty. I'd like to go the open approach and use rib cartilage. It's been exactly 6 months... READ MORE

What is the Prevalent Method for Costal Cartilage Harvest?

Hi. I read that there are different methods towards harvesting rib cartilage. The first method is that the cartilage is harvested with the... READ MORE

Rib Cartilage for Rhinoplasty?

If this is the only correction needed to fix my prominent supra-alar crease, could the rib cartilage be harvested under local anesthesia? READ MORE

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