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Is Rhinoplasty Completely Reversible?

I had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. The doctor raised my bridge with permacol and tip with ear+septal cartilage but I am not happy with the plastic look of... READ MORE

Possible to Reverse Columellar Setback (Tongue-in-groove Technique)?

I had a septorhinoplasty done 2 months ago. The surgeon did a columellar setback using the tongue-in-groove technique. He said he stitched the... READ MORE

How can I fix open roof deformity without surgery or fillers? Is it possible to get my old nose back prior surgery? (photo)

Can I reverse what was done and get my long, thinner nose back. The doctor performed septo with rhino but no osteomy was done because i did not want... READ MORE

Can my nose ever return to how it was before? Or at least similar? (Photo)

Please just tell me if it is possible. I am so depressed with the results. All I wanted was a small change and now my nose is ruined. I don't know... READ MORE

I have waited, I'm past 6 months now and I just want my old nose back. I have left it alone, I cry everyday! (Photo)

I have been feeling depressed for a long time and should have left my nose alone in the first place, all I wanted was a little scratch in the middle... READ MORE

Would uplifted tip reversed cause swelling?

Ive had my tip lifted in rhinoplasty...i just want it put back down in a closed approach....would this cause swelling READ MORE

How do I make my doctor understand when I say I want my nose reversed? And that septal grafts were a mistake and want removal?

I never agreed to tip graft. Tip was to be left alone. I would not have agreed to alar rim grafts if tip had been part of the plan. Doctor won't... READ MORE

Reverse Goldman- Technique?

Dear RealSelf-doctors, my nose is unnaturally upturned, it looks shorter and my tip shape is totally changed.Some kind of Goldman technique was used... READ MORE

Nose got bigger after squeezing. How to reverse ?

Hi, I wanted to have pointed nose. I squeezed my nose for months with clips etc. now tip has dropped and nose is visibly bigger and ugly. It's been 10... READ MORE

Can I reverse my round droopy bulbous nose back? (photos)

Hello,i had closed rhinoplasty for bulbous nose, i want to do revision to get my old nose (something similar to it) where i want to widen nose tip and... READ MORE

Unneeded turbinate outfracture and sub mucous resection. 4 months post

I had a rhinoplasty to remove a hump on my nose, my nose was also a bit crooked due to prior fracture. When I went in for my consultation the doctor... READ MORE

What happened to my nose? Can it be reversed? (photos)

So I had this habbit of pushing on my nose. After about 2 months, it started to get droopy, and it seems like what used to be a pointy nose tip turned... READ MORE

Can I change it back? I'm trying to be happy with my results, but I'm just not.

I had rhinoplasty 3 months ago. I know I'm still swollen. I liked my nose to begin with, but I wanted it to be straighter. I'm grieving my decision to... READ MORE

Can my surgeon reverse the tongue in groove?

I had a closed rhinoplasty in December 2015.The tip was lifted and the slight dorsal hump rasped.The tongue in groove procedure was used to straighten... READ MORE

Can you undo a columellaplasty after 10 days?

I had a columellaplasty to reduce a hanging columella but didn't consider the impact the reduction would have on my front profile and now really... READ MORE

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