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Full Recovery Time from Closed Rhinoplasty

I am wondering how long a closed rhino patient typically takes to be considered fully recovered. To the extent that all activity can be resumed with... READ MORE

What can't you do after rhinoplasty?

Is there anything you cannot do after a nose job? Such as doing a "pig" nose or moving it around harshly READ MORE

Can ice packs to the Fat Transfer area of the face restrict the blood vessels, limit their growth, or restrict fat viability?

Can ice packs to the face constrict blood vessels and not allow blood vessels and fat transfer to stabilize? READ MORE

If I don't have septoplasty, could my airways become more restricted after rhinoplasty?

Rhionoplasty for cosmetic purposes but have a deviated septum difficulty breathing through left nostril.I've learnt to live with this I thought it was... READ MORE

Are there any restrictions to getting a rhinoplasty?

Recently, I heard on the web that there was a girl who had a very flat and short nose wanting to get rhinoplasty. However, the doctors recommended not... READ MORE

Are there travel restrictions after rhinoplasty?

When can one fly or drive through areas with high elevation changes? READ MORE

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