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Sculptra to Restore Volume After Nose Surgery?

Hi, I just had a rhinoplasty and a turbinectomy last year. Ever since the turbinectomy my face has been looking very thin. I am 35 years old and am... READ MORE

What Do You Think About Using Acell Matristem, an Extracellar Matrix, to Restore Valve Collaps, Without Using a Spreader Graft?

What do you think about using Acell Matristem, an extracellar matrix, to restore the cartilage of the nose, without using a Spreader Graft? to repair... READ MORE

Can a hump be restored back on a nose where it was shaved off?

I have come to the conclusion that for my nose to look good on all angles I need to have a slight hump back. Is it possible to add this on? READ MORE

Can my nose be restored? (Photo)

I broke my nose earlier in the year had surgery to correct it and doc said I was slightly over projected . So he de projected my nose, this has left... READ MORE

Possible to restore the frontal process of the maxilla?

I used to have this quite prominent and now it's flat. I feel like this really affects the way my eye and nose looks (my upper third of nose is also... READ MORE

Can I take out diced fascia graft and septal graft from tip to restore my old nose? Is this at possible?

I don't like my nose now and wish to return to the old one. is it possible to take out diced fascia graft from my bridge, take out septal graft from... READ MORE

Is it difficult to restore the width of the nasal pyramid? (Where the bone meets the cheekbone)

Hello Doctors! In a closed rhinplasty my doctor made my pyramind extremely narrow. I did not want him to mess with this part of my nose but he did. Is... READ MORE

Can I fill my tip nearly back to the way it was before Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hello, i had tip rhinoplasty 2 months ago, my tip is a little pit pointy it wasnt like this i dont like it like this , how can i restore some of it to... READ MORE

Hydroxylapatite For bony dorsal hump augmentation?

Would this be a good option to restore a small (2mm) bony hump? Or is diced septal cartilage better? READ MORE

Do you think adding spreader crafts to middle of the nose is enough to restore the nose looks? What can be done? (Photos)

Any recommendations for very talented surgeon who can restore nose without making it look done? I do not need any changes to outer skin, but need... READ MORE

I broke my nose 6 months ago, can it be restored to its original structure with surgery?

I have slight depression on the top of the left side of my nose next to my eye and slightly displaced to right. The surgeon told me that it probably... READ MORE

How much can you project a tip?

What is the limit on how much you can project a tip? I'm half middle eastern, half caucasian and had a very projected nose before my rhinoplasty... READ MORE

The doctor just took the cast of my nose & it looks like I have a bump on my nose. Please help I'm freaking out. (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty in 2009,the doctor took out too much bone,last week I had another rhinoplasty,The doctor implanted a restorative layer and lifted... READ MORE

How do I restore my wide bridge?

My nose is way too narrow to fit my ethnic identity. how do I get my wide bridge back? I was told an outwards fracture could be a possibility READ MORE

Rhinoplasty altered my smile. What can be done to restore it?

It is possible (and quite probable) that the surgeon who performed my rhinoplasty - 4 years ago - cut my depressor sept nasi muscle. I have also found... READ MORE

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