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What is the Average Cost of Tip Reshaping?

I'm sure it is a lot less expensive than a complete nose job. READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change the Position of the Nostrils?

The bridge of my nose is pretty straight, but the tip is a tiny bit twisted to one side, boxy-looking and pointed down farther than I would like.... READ MORE

Can One Reshape Cartilage Simply by Squeezing It One Month Post Rhinoplasty?

1 month after my open rhinoplasty to very slightly shorten and very slightly lift the tip of my nose I couldn't stop myself from gently squeezing... READ MORE

Tip Deprojecting and Reshaping Through a Closed Rhinoplasty?

Can you deproject the tip through a closed rhinoplasty? Also, is it possible to reshape lower allar cartilage through this approach? For instance if... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty or Non-Surgical Nose Shaping? Nose Work And/or Neck-Jaw Liposuction

I would like to improve my profile(define jawline, get rid of jowliness)as well as achieve better facial balance. I was told to consider Nose Shaping... READ MORE

Simple Rhinoplasty Question?

Hi, I have a seemingly foolish question about the rhinoplasty procedure that I have never seen directly asked our answered. I want to know if it is... READ MORE

Crease on Upper Lip After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty to reshape my nose about three months ago. Ever since then I have a deep crease on my upper lip every time I try to smile. I am... READ MORE

The tip of my nose is square and I was wondering if suture reshaping would give it a triangular shape? (Photo)

I would like my nose tip to have a more triangular shape instead of this square/bulbous tip. I do not want a full rhinoplasty and was wondering what... READ MORE

Can I reshape and make my nose longer by moving my nostril sides down? (photos)

1st pic depicts the real me & what I'd like to achieve, is this possible? I just photoshopped in a nose I found on the internet, what would i need to... READ MORE

Removing Columellar Strut?

If I remove my columellar strut will it change the shape of my nose and will the tip collapse since there is no support? READ MORE

Laser for Bulbous Nose?

Hello I had a Rynoplasty, good results on the nose base. I did the prosedure because of my boulbus tip. He removed cartlige, but my nose is still... READ MORE

I'm Thinking of Having a Nose Job? (Photos)

I'm thinking of getting a nose job to reshape it and make it smaller to look more like this. Is it realistic? READ MORE

Difference Between Cartlidge and Swelling?

I had cartlidge graft/to reshape the right notril . i noticed what looks like a bump( making right nostril look lower than the left) im almost 8wks... READ MORE

Can my nose be reshaped to a nose like Ariana Grande? (photo)

I think the question is very much to the point but how much can it be like it? I really love her nose and to be honest I'm so jealous of it. first... READ MORE

I have uneven tip cartilage that causes irregular shadows. Can this be smoothed out without turning my nose up any more? (photo)

I have uneven tip cartilage that causes irregular shadows. Can this be smoothed out without turning my nose up any more? I know nostrils can be made... READ MORE

Can Bump Be Fixed with out Open Nose Surgery?

I had cartlidge graft placed to reshap nostril. i have bump on right side nostril rim.(about a 16th of an inch difference from the left nostril) i am... READ MORE

Is one of these results possible? (photo)

I have wide bridge, broad tip, wide nasal base & poor projection. I have a big nose that I want to be resized & reshaped considerably. READ MORE

Reshaping Nasal Skin After Sports Injury

As a result of a sports injury my nasal bone was pushed toward the right and the bottom two-thirds of my nose became twisted. I recently had a... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait B4 Scheduling Another Nose Surgery?

I had nose surgery 11wks ago(ear cartlidge used to reshape nostrils, bump was shaved down) my l nostril is too high, r notstril looks lower. i now... READ MORE

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