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How Much Does Dorsal Hump Removal Cost?

I need to know how much it would cost to remove a dorsal hump in the middle of my nose. READ MORE

Cleaning Nose with Cotton Swab After Rhinoplasty

I'm 6 weeks Post-op and I've been gently swabbing the inside of my nose with a cotton swab to remove mucus. It doesn't hurt at all but... READ MORE

Can Scar Tissue Be Removed After Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had rinoplasty an year ago. Some scar tissue developed since the surgery has remained along the top of my nose where the humps been carved down,... READ MORE

Scar Tissue or Cartilage Bump Inside Nose After Rhinoplasty, What's The Cause? How to Remove?

It has been 10 months since my rhinoplasty, and I still have either scar tissue or cartilage build-up inside my left nostril. The bump is not visible... READ MORE

What Kind of Stitches Are Used in Rhinoplasty?

Do they dissolve or are they taken out? Do I have a choice? My friend had rhinoplasty last month and she had 16 stitches. She said getting the... READ MORE

Cost for Rhinoplasty (Hump Removal)?

I am going to have RS performed around end of May/Beginning of June. My Question is based off the picture I have attached,my current picture is the... READ MORE

Should the Cast and Stitches from an Open Rhinoplasty Be Removed Within 7 Days to Avoid Scarring?

It's been four days since having my primary open rhinoplasty. I would like to know when stitches and sutures need to be removed by, to prevent... READ MORE

What Happens After Fat Removal from the Nose Tip?

When fat is removed to thin the skin for increased refinement, is this permanent? If the patient gains a weight following the procedure will this ruin... READ MORE

Does it hurt to have nasal packaging/tubes in the nostrils removed after rhinoplasty?

Alright guys! So i just got rhinoplasty and got my hump removed, and im on day 2 of recovery. i got a tube in both of my nostrils after the surgery... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Cast/Splint Removal on Day 10 - Good or Bad Idea?

Currently day 5 post op of closed rhinoplasty. I was supposed to be going Wednesday morning to have the cast/splint removed (day 7) but my husband... READ MORE

Will Removing Rhinoplasty Grafts Restore Nose to Original Look?

I had a rhinoplasty with rib graft to the dorsum and the tip. I would like to have the grafts removed as my nose looks unnatural and am wondering if... READ MORE

Stitch Stuck 5-6 Weeks After Rhinoplasty. How Do I Remove It?

All healed nicely, accept a few days ago I felt something rough under my nostril, after further investigation I discovered its the end of a non... READ MORE

Post-Rhinoplasty Callus Removal Treatment?

I had a Rhinoplasty 14 months ago. Now I have hump on the bridge due to a callus. How can I remove the callus? Do I need to go through another... READ MORE

Possible to Remove a Little Bit of Cartilage on Tip of Nose? Cost? Calgary Doctors?

I have never heard or seen anyone have this particular area of their nose done but is it possible to ever so slightly shave off the tip (the part... READ MORE

Will The Final Result of Surgery End Up Like The Nose Appearance Just After Cast Removal?

Is it true that after cast removal your pretty much looking at the end result? After the cast comes off your nose will swell for months, and should... READ MORE

A hard lump appeared near the tip of my nose after Rhinoplasty. Is it cartilage/callous formation? How can it be removed?(photo)

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty carried out about 5 years ago. This lump was visible from the moment I took the bandages off. My doctor reassured me that... READ MORE

Is It Too Early to Remove the Silicone Implant in my Nose? Female-asian-24years

I just had my rhinoplasty a week ago (I know it's early) with a L-shaped silicone implant. I didnt realize how having something foreign in my body... READ MORE

Removing Silicon Implant After Rhinoplasty Revision?

I had a nose job ( L shape silicon) in 2010.I went to Korea to have the silicon removed. The doctor convinced he would use I-shape silicon+ear... READ MORE

Drastic Rhinoplasty - More Than One Surgery Required?

I've read that the best nose jobs are conservative ones. I want to get rhinoplasty but the changes I want (nostril width reduction; hump removal;... READ MORE

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