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Can I Get a Nose Job for Free if I Have Been Referred to by a Doctor for my Nose?

I recently broke my nose and had to get surgery to fix it but my cartilage needs to be reconstructed so I have been referred to a cosmetic surgeon. Am... READ MORE

In Rhinoplasty, Can You Get Your Nostrils Reconstructed To Your Liking?

Hello Doctors, well I'm asking my question on behalf of nostril reconstruction in the way I would like it.. I know that I can't get whatever I... READ MORE

Nasal Strips After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had the front of my septum reconstructed (it had been surgically removed 3 years ago and since then without right support the tip was going down).... READ MORE

Why is my Nose Crooked After my Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am going in for a reconstructive surgery from my same doctor to save money, but have some hesitations and concerns that he will not be confident in... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Reconstructive Rhinoplasty?

About six months ago, I was in a car accident in which I lost a small portion of my nose, where the tip of the nose connects to the nostril. The right... READ MORE

Can Smoking Marijuana Post Rhinoplasty Effect Turbinates?

I had reconstructive nose surgery(re-brake of nose and fixed deviated septum no tip work done) 3 weeks ago. I smoked marijuana 2 weeks after surgery 3... READ MORE

How much of the price would Anthem Blue Cross cover for reconstructive rhinoplasty? I am a 15 y.o female. (photos)

I've fractured my nose twice before and after reading anthems guide lines it seems like I can get reconstructive rhinoplasty. My nose doesn't look bad... READ MORE

Can You Recommend a Good Cosmetic Surgeon for Reconstructive Rhinoplasty in Bangkok?

Hi, I had my nose done in 2009 but the result isn't very good. I'd like to go back to Thailand to get it done again but I'm very worried that it won't... READ MORE

How Can I Found an Experienced Surgeon in Alberta Especially on Nasal Reconstruction? (Photo)

I had a surgery on my nose ala removing basal cell cancer and followed by half nasal reconstruction with forearm flap 2 years ago. Now my half nose... READ MORE

Can Tricare cover corrective Rhinoplasty surgery?

I received reconstructive sinus surgery 4 years ago. After surgery my nose was abnormally large and stretched. I figured it'd go away but it hasn't.... READ MORE

Can I have my nose done without destroying a reconstructed tear duct?

Can I have my nose done without destroying a reconstructed tear duct? READ MORE

Can nasal septum be replaced with plastic septum?

My husband had squamous cell cancer of the nasal septum. Doctors removed the septum but reconstruction done at the same time failed. Now facing new... READ MORE

I Have a 6cm Hole in my Septum Due to Surgery to Enlarge Nasal Passages Gone Very Wrong?

I suffer from allergies that make my nose swell to closed. My surgeon has told me repair is not going to work. Only reconstruction to improve look... READ MORE

Can an over projected nose be reduced without changing the appreance to the front of the nose? (Photo)

Hi, I want to get a natural result and not change the look too much from the front, but my nose is quite over projected from the side and droops down... READ MORE

What is the best approach to fix my nose? Reconstructive rhinoplasty (Photo)

Nov.1st 2015, I had reconstructive facial surgery due to most of my facial bones being crushed by my boyfriend. 5 metal plates fixed my cheeks, eyes... READ MORE

How Soon Should I Get the Tip Rhinoplasty and How Much Would It Cost?? Current State is WI, Previously Operated on Jan 2013.

I had a septoplasty/partial reconstruction recently to fix a long term (and oddly unnoticed till I outright insisted that a ENT specialist be involved... READ MORE

Rib graft vs calvarial bone for nasal reconstruction?

I had nasal trauma my nose collapsed and it is very deviated I had a surgery about a week after the trauma but mi nose still very crooked and I lost... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for rhinoplasty and/or reconstructive surgery? (Photo)

When I was younger I fractured my nose by falling into a coffee table about 3 inches, it bled for hours. I recently hurt my nose very badly to the... READ MORE

Weird bump on nose (Photo)

The plastic surgeon that did my nose reconstruction said, "you're the only one that is going to see it" when I smile it looks like I have a pimple on... READ MORE

Reconstruction of the bony dorsum - substitute for the nasal bone?

As my nose was involuntary narrowed during my surgery and as a side effect of this parts of my nasal bone got resected I wonder if there is a... READ MORE

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