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Will Taping my Nose Help Raise the Tip Post-rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi, I had revision rhinoplasty 10 days ago, and while I realize that I still have some swelling, I'm worried about the height of my tip. I have read a... READ MORE

Options for Raising Nasal Bridge Slightly?

I have been thinking about getting nose surgery to elevate the bridge of my nose slightly. I am not looking for a significant change, as my nose is... READ MORE

Can I Get my Old Nose Back?

I had rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum, but the doctor also raised my tip. This was never discussed and now I don't look like my self anymore. I... READ MORE

Simple Rhinoplasty Question?

Hi, I have a seemingly foolish question about the rhinoplasty procedure that I have never seen directly asked our answered. I want to know if it is... READ MORE

Question Regarding Rhinoplasty to Raise Nose Bridge?

From what I've read, the options to raise the nose bridge are either an implant or using the patients' cartilage from either the nose, behind the ear,... READ MORE

How do I avoid getting the uplifted triangular shaped nostrils I see so often on westernized Asian rhinoplasties? (photos)

My nostril holes are already slightly high and lifted, I certainly want to avoid the pig nose and unnatural triangular shaped nostrils. Is it possible... READ MORE

Can You Raise the Base of the Nose Above the Philtrum if the Nose is Very Long?

I have a very long nose which i feel is far too big, i feel that tip rotation would be very limited in reducing the vertical length of my nose. are... READ MORE

Raising the Base of the Nose?

If someone has a prominent nasal spine and tethered upper lip, will removing the nasal spine always shorten the nose by raising the position of the... READ MORE

Can my Radix Be Raised?

I had rhinoplasty and my radix was made too low and too "sharp" causing a shadow near my eyes. Can my radix be raised with revision surgery? This is... READ MORE

The Base of my Nostrils Hangs Lower Than my Columella? (photo)

Is it possible to raise my nostrils? The base of my nostrils hangs lower than my columella. From front on this gives my nose a upside down v-shape.... READ MORE

Can the nasal spine be removed? (Photo)

I found that the beginning of my columella start to low. I would like that the beginning of my columella start more high at the level of the nostrils.... READ MORE

Why do plastic surgeons raise the nasal tip of every single rhinoplasty patient?

I had a tip rhinoplasty for a bulbous tip done years ago and I've always been dissatisfied by how the surgeon raised the tip of my nose--leading to... READ MORE

Asian Alar Tiplasty Nightmare? (photo)

Removed cartilage, put it into a ball in the middle to raise and refine tip. im ok with my low nose, no bridge implant. Now a mo. after, i can see a... READ MORE

What can be done to raise a droopy nose tip after Rhinoplasty?

I just had a primary rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. The hump on my nose was filed down and that went well. Sutures were used to lift my nasal tip, but I... READ MORE

Nose fillers after nose job?

Can I get nose fillers to raise my bridge 3 months after an alar and tip plasty? READ MORE

Would I benefit from a nasal bridge raise? (photos)

I am an 18 year old male. Also, the top of my nasal bone is flat and my physiology teacher said it might be a "deviated septum" (photo 2) (I have no... READ MORE

Who is considered the best surgeon to raise the bridge of the nose? Please help I am desperate and hopeless. (photo)

I underwent two rhinoplasty surgeries, first one the tip correction and second the nose bridge, cut out the hump and make it smooth.Now it is too... READ MORE

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