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Is There Still Swelling 7 Months After a Rhinoplasty?

I had an open Rhinoplasty 7 months ago and my tip is still rather large for my taste. I talked with my surgeon about it and he injected a small dose... READ MORE

My Eyes Seem to Be Very Swollen After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and turbinectomy around 2 months ago. When I first got my rhinoplasty, I was very swollen under my eye lids. It... READ MORE

My Nose is Getting Bigger?

Since I was young I've always loved my nose and never had the simplist idea of changing it in any way , until 3 weeks ago I woke one day noticed it... READ MORE

What Are My Options To Change The Odd Shape of my Nose? (Photos Provided)

I have a really odd nose shape, and I would like to fix it...I am only 14 but my opinions probably won't change. I'm wondering if it will make... READ MORE

Nose Looks Puffy and Round 1 Month Post Op

I'm 1 month and 8 days post op and my nose looks really funny. It appears very round and puffy and it makes me look like a clown. Is this... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty - Can Skin Stay Puffy in Areas Where a Large Reduction was Made?

I am 7 months post op, and i still have a slight hump on the left (my left) side of the bridge. However, when i push the skin down with my fingers on... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Wake Up in the Morning and for the Nose to Be Really Puffy?

Its almost been 5 months since I had my rhino/septo plasty when I wake up its really puffy and I have to put cream to make it go down. Also how long... READ MORE

Puffy Nose After 6 Months Rhinoplasty?

Hi all, I am 26 years old and I had open rhinoplasty from 6 months to reduce the tip size and fix nasal septum deviation ,my tip now is very puffy ,... READ MORE

Unhappy with the Tip of my Nose. Should I Refine With Tip-Plasty? (photo)

I have recently decided to get rhinoplasty. I am not happy with the lower 1/3 of my nose. I feel like its too puffy and it looks even more bigger when... READ MORE

Nose Seems Crooked 4 Months Post Op, Could It Be Swelling, Should I Be Worried? (photo)

I had an open rhinoplasty 4months ago. . My right side is very "puffy" and the right side of the tip is roundish unlike my left side which is very... READ MORE

How Long Will it Take to Get My Natural Smile Back After Alarplasty?

I had an alarplasty 8 days ago and have noticed that my cheeks are still puffy and my nose is the same size as before if not bigger. I understand this... READ MORE

Nose Looked Great 1 Week After Rhinoplasty but at 7 Weeks It's Puffy. Is This Normal?

My nose looked refined 1 week after rhinoplasty and stayed like that for the next month. At 5 weeks, the nose started to look puffy and fuller... READ MORE

6 month post op, my nose still looks swollen and long. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi I had bone shaved and tip work ..I liked my nose shape when splint was removed but after its start to get bigger when I smile I feel it looks... READ MORE

8-9 days post op Rhinoplasty, my nose looks much wider & fatter than before. Is this normal? Is it swelling?

I had a rhinoplasty a 8-9days ago. Yellowspottings has already gone from my face. My nose was hooked from profile but it was ok from front(the... READ MORE

Why is my nose wider/fuller? (photos)

I have noticed in the last 5 years or so that my nose looks puffy and wider at the bridge. It wasnt like this before. Is this normal aging?? Do I need... READ MORE

A New Nose and a Different Looking Face! So when to Return to Work?

Hi, can you please let me know how long until I can go out with my friends & clients because at this stage I am one week post op and are due to... READ MORE

How can I reduce the look of my puffy, swollen looking face and cheeks and nose? (photo)

Hello My name is Sunil , I am 31 years. In Feb 2012, I had upper jaw surgery, bringing it forward the align with the protruding bottom jaw. This... READ MORE

My nose looks puffy, swollen, and wide. How long does it take for it to look less puffy and wide? (photos)

I jus had rhinoplasty 18 days ago and my nose still looks puffy/swolen to me and allitle wide, i had my bump removed and my breathing fixed, i like... READ MORE

10 weeks post rhinoplasty feeling very down. My nose is very puffy and swollen. Will this get better? (Photo)

27th May this year I had an open rhinoplasty and septoplasty, I had a lot of bruising to begin with a but things slowly improved and was happy. At... READ MORE

Could PMS adversely affect Rhinoplasty healing progress? Will it occur every month for a year?

I had my open rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago, and the swelling had been abating in a linear manner. It was wonderful! However, at this time I am experiencing... READ MORE

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