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I Want to Make my Nose Proportionally Smaller (photo)

I want a rhinoplasty, but I'm afarid I wont get the results I want without looking like Michael Jackson. Is it possible to have this same nose... READ MORE

My Nose is Too Wide for my Face and Lips. Is There Any Expert Advice? (photo)

I think getting lip injections would help make my nose look more proportionate to my lips, but i still think my nose is too big/ wide in general. I... READ MORE

Bump on Nose, What Should I Do?

Hello, I've been considering a nose job for 2 years.(I'm 15 years old) I have this bump on my nose that makes my nose look much bigger than it... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to my Nose to Better Fit my Face?

Hi, I live in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and have been seriously considering doing rhinoplasty for a long time now. I just want to know how a qualified... READ MORE

What is wrong with my face? (photos)

I feel like there are many many things wrong with it but can't pinpoint specifically what is causing my face to look so off balance. No matter how... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Narrow and Augment Bridge and Reduce Nostrils?

I had a nose infection when I was younger, so then I had 3 surgeries on my nose, twice to get puss drained, and the third to make it look better. I... READ MORE

I Have a Large Nose in Proportion to my Face. Suggestions?

I am a 24 year old female.I have a large and broad nose with hump.Also a broad n bulbous tip.My nose is prominently large in proportion to my face.I... READ MORE

What All Would I Need Done? Nose Doesn't Fit Face

Im 18, see this nose does not fit my face, and I really just hate looking in the mirror. what do I need, what do you think it will cost,... READ MORE

What Needs to Be Done when the Bridge Doesn't Fit with the Rest of the Nose? (photo)

I've always thought my bridge didn't fit with my face in general or my nose. The bridge is the only part that protrudes and it feels wide so... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for a Nose Job?

I have a bulbous, ski slope tip and a bump in the middle of my nose and want to know if a nose job will be able to fix this? I feel like my nose is... READ MORE

Does my nose look proportional to the rest of my face? (Photo)

I think my nose looks manly and makes my eyes look closer together. I also think it makes my face look unbalanced because it is slightly crooked. I... READ MORE

My Nose is out of Proportion/bulbous and I Can't Breathe Properly out of One Nostril? (photo)

I'm self-concious about how wide my nose is. My eyes are about 3cm apart while my nose is 3.5 cm. My nose tip is very bulbous and round. Also I can't... READ MORE

How can I fix my nose to make my face look better? (photo)

My nose has always bothered me as i feel it makes my whole face look out of proportion. I was wondering what my options were and also what I could do... READ MORE

How Can I Keep Nose Proportionate to my Length of Face During Rhinoplasty?

I am considering rhinoplasty which will decrease my nasal hump, lift my tip, and thin out my nose a little. I have a long oval shaped face and also a... READ MORE

Do I need rhinoplasty or is buccal fat removal on the cheek enough to balance my face out and make it more proportional? (Photo)

I feel like my nose is also big for my face. At times I like the way it looks in pictures and in many others I hate it. I feel as if I thin my face,... READ MORE

How can I make my nose appear more proportional and delicate? (Photo)

In my opinion, my nose juts out too much (too prominent), and the nostrils are a bit bulbous, especially when I smile. I'd like to hear from some... READ MORE

How Relevant is the Nose a Dr. Starts with on a Patient Before Surgery to What He Can Do with It?

For example, if a patient has a really out of proportion nose, is it more difficult to get it into proportion that someone whose is not that bad to... READ MORE

Is my nose proportionate to my facial features? Is the width of my nose too much? Do I really need a rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hello, I'm male, Almost 15. What is the growth rate of nose and how much will my nose grow more? How much is a nose grown at the age of 15? Is the... READ MORE

I feel my nose is too big for my face. What kind of procedure(s) would I need to make it more in proportionate? (Photo)

-Profile of nose is over-projected -Nose is quite wide when I smile -Does not have any kind of hump or hook and it doesn't look crooked to me -It has... READ MORE

How could rhinoplasty augment my facial proportions? (photos)

My nose looks much bigger in photos than in person (though it's not small at all) - I want to make it look more "photogenic" and overall less... READ MORE

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