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My nose collapses when I suck air from my nostrils. How would surgery fix that?

I will be having a Rhin/Septo/Endoscopic Inferior turbinoplasties. I have a deviated septum, so my surgeon said he was going to get the excess septum... READ MORE

Dorsal Nasal Hump Shaving with Minimum Fuss?

I have a dorsal nasal hump (picture included). I probably have what you'd call a long nose, but this doesn't really bother me, and I'm not too... READ MORE

What are the chances you can die from a rhinoplasty and septoplasty?

I have always wanted a nose job. I have so much anxiety about it and would like to know the chances of death in this procedure.I'm 26 pretty healthy... READ MORE

Best procedure to lift tip of nose ? (photos)

I hate the tip of my nose. It looks like an arrow head and I just want the tip lifted. I can't be out of a job for very long . So what is the best... READ MORE

How would a crooked nose and bulbous tip be fixed?

What would be required to fix my crooked nose and how much could the tip of my nose be refined? Is there anything else I should strongly consider... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to Correct a Low Dorsal Hump?

What sort of procedure is usually adopted to correct a low hump on the nose , closed or open rhinoplasty? Please advise! READ MORE

Is Rhinoplasty Customized for Each Patient? (photo)

I am thinking of Rhinoplasty (my nose is pointed at the tip, larger than I would like with a bump & crooked from the front. Overall I like the... READ MORE

What facial surgeries/procedures can I get to look less Hispanic? (Photos)

Hi doctors, I'm 21 from Texas & I always get asked if I'm Mexican, which would be fine if I was..but my family's from Romania . I was wondering what I... READ MORE

Non surgical nose jobs vs rhinoplasty?

Hey so I have been reading about this new procedure a non surgical nose job. Can a non surgical nose job make your nose appear more sharper. What are... READ MORE

Would you suggest changing my nose like James Dean's or Brad Pitt's? What are their differences? (photos)

Would you suggest changing that to something like James Dean's? What are the differences between the shapes of Pitt and Dean, and what is the... READ MORE

What kind of procedure would I need to make my nose less of a 'V' shape or reduce the size and shape of my nostrils? (photo)

I want to have the bridge of my nose slightly shaved down and i also think that my nostrils are too big. When I smile my nostrils flare and pull... READ MORE

​My nose has a bump and the tip is big and bulgy. What procedures do I need to do and how much would it cost? (photo)

My nose bone has a bump and the tip of my nose is big and bulgy. I edited a photo of myself on a plastic surgery app and I really like the results. I... READ MORE

Is This Change Possible For My Nose? (photo)

I'm wondering if this change is achievable and what if any procedures I may have missed, I am undergoing a facelift in august to restore my youthful... READ MORE

What procedures to correct droopy nose/asymmetry/long philtrum? (photo)

I've never been a "pretty girl". I have nice eyes, but my long crooked face, long crooked bulbous nose, and long philtrum has always made me... READ MORE

Why is rhinoplasty difficult?

I heard that rhinoplasty is not an easy surgery. What makes it so difficult? What makes it so different from other surgeries? READ MORE

What Changes to Expect with Alar Reduction?

I recently saw a plastic surgeon because I wanted to reduce the width of my nostrils. He explained that it was a quick surgery involving 1 incision on... READ MORE

Typical cost of Alar Composite Grafting to correct Alar Retraction/Nostril Show?

What can I expect in terms of cost for alar composite grafting to correct alar retraction / overly exposed nostrils as a standalone procedure? READ MORE

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