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Preventing swelling after rhinoplasty cast removal?

I am a day away from having my cast removed, and I am reading a lot of things that say swelling can increase a day or two after.. Will laying icewater... READ MORE

Preventing Scarring from Pulled Scab Inside Nostril After Rhinoplasty?

11 days post-op from rhinoplasty. 3 days ago I was using peroxide and q-tips to clean out dried blood inside my nostrils and I accidentally pulled out... READ MORE

Anything I Can Do to Help Results from Tip Plasty?

I have a slightly bulbous tip and would like to fix it. it will be especially difficult as I have an oily thick nasal skin. I heard that this can... READ MORE

How do you prevent calluses after rhinoplasty?

I understand that scar tissue is inevitable but is there a way to minimize or prevent calluses from forming after dorsal hump reduction and osteotomy? READ MORE

Can You Get Rhinoplasty to Prevent Your Nose from Drooping in the Future?

Is there any rhinoplasty procedure that PREVENTS your nose from drooping when you get older as it would have drooped without the surgery? thank you. READ MORE

Can tape prevent tip to droop after rhinoplasty?

I just had a closed rhinoplasty 9 days ago. I had a hanging columella witch has been reduced and my tip was slightly lifted. I am very pleased with... READ MORE

How to Treat Hypertrophic Scar After Closed Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had a closed rhinoplasty 9 months ago- though I am pleased with the result, a raised pink scar has formed at the incision site inside my nostril... READ MORE

Nausea and vomiting post-rhino?

What can you do to prevent nausea and vomiting immediately after and the following few days after a rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Nose shrink forever due to scar contracture years after Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Will all noses shrink forever after a rhinoplasty like lil Kim's nose? Her nose shrank each year little by little after her primary rhinoplasty.... READ MORE

I'm having rhinoplasty. What can I do to care for the bruising around eyes?

Any advice on what to do to help prevent bruising, help bruising go away sooner,what type of make up to cover bruises and any home remedies to help... READ MORE

How is DCF secured to the nose to prevent shifting? Too high, causes pressure on skin and problems? Eyelids now asymmetric.

How is the DCF secured to prevent it from shifting on the nasal bridge? My graft is pointing to the right side near my eye and feels sharp. Leaves a... READ MORE

Any complications associated with a scooped profile?

I desire a little bit of a scoop to my straight profile. Does this cause the base of the nose to get wider? If yes, what the surgeon should do to... READ MORE

How likely is vomiting after rhinoplasty, and what preventative measures can the surgeon take?

I have emetophobia, which means I'm terrified of all things pertaining to vomit. I have wanted a rhinoplasty for years since breaking my nose as a... READ MORE

Sun Exposure After Rhinoplasty.

Im about 3 and a half months after rhinoplasty. Today I was out in the sun for several hours. I put on sunblock but only once. When I got home I... READ MORE

I had septoplasty a year ago. Do I have enough rib cartilage to prevent my nose from collapsing and straighten my crooked nose?

I had a septoplasty one year ago, but now I want a rhinoplasty. I am affraid that all my septal cartilage is gone, but do I possess enough rib... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: What can go wrong?

What are some of the biggest problems and common complications that can happen during surgery and afterwards? How can a patient prevent them? READ MORE

After an infection of the sutures on the tip, which is the best treatment in order to prevent scar tissue to form ? (Photo)

I have the rhino done and after 2 weeks tip and nose were perfect. An infection of stuture took place on the tip of the nose at day 15. Big swollen... READ MORE

Followup: I have read about patients experiencing infection in rhinoplasty. Is MRSA or something else a risk? What prevents it?

I have read about patients experiencing infections that alter nasal cartilage or skin in rhinoplasty. How can I doublecheck if my facility or surgeon... READ MORE

Hump Removal surgery. (photos)

I am looking to have rhinoplasty to have Minor dorsal hump removed. I am male and concern in result in a feminine curved nose. Questions: During hump... READ MORE

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