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Recommended Vitamins and Supplements to Be Taken Prior and Post Surgery?

Hi, so there is a lot of information regarding vitamins and sups that are not recommended to be taken prior surgery such as,Vitamin E. Just wondering... READ MORE

What Should I Do for Pre-op Rhinoplasty Anxiety?

I am having a rhinoplasty in one week, and i was very excited..untill now. after reading some rhinoplasty horror stories, i've started to second guess... READ MORE

Any Health Factors I Need to Worry About for Rhinoplasty?

Do u have to worry about weight, skin problems, breathing problems, and etc? What do u have to do to prepare go into surgery? What/how much time do u... READ MORE

Is it Encouraged to Bring Photos of Noses I Like to a Consultation for Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I am going for a primary consultation for rhinoplasty. Is it frowned upon to bring photos of noses I like to a consult? Obviously, it is not going... READ MORE

What exactly goes on once a patient arrives to a clinic for a rhinoplasty surgery?

Is there anything I should bring with me? Is it okay to have hair mousse/ cream in your hair? Can you leave on any piece of clothing or does it all... READ MORE

What are some of the most recommended products needed for pre-op and post-op septo-rhinoplasty?

I am having surgery on the 14th and want to get a head start on recommended items needed for this surgery. i hear i should buy pineapple juice which... READ MORE

Preparation/After Care for Rhinoplasty

What is recommended as guidelines to prepare your body for a rhinoplasty as well as good after care tips to help with quick healing post surgery?... READ MORE

How to be best prepared for rhinoplasty?

Wondering what steps and preparation to take before having rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Anything I need to stay away from during my pre op of Rhinoplasty?

Is there like a diet I need to be on?? I'm kinda paranoid of what I should or shouldn't eat. Any recommendations? READ MORE

I'm 17 yrs old. How do I prepare for a nose job to make sure the surgeon is really good and won't mess it up? (photos)

So i asked about non-surgical nose jobs on here and the answers i got all said a proper nose job would be better for my nose im so scared to get one... READ MORE

Preparation & aftermath of rhinoplasty?

Hello, what are the best medicament, ointments, drops or anything to use before open rhinoplasty and after it to reduce swelling and induce faster... READ MORE

I'm having multiple procedures at once. I'm concerned my surgeon will tire out. How do you prepare yourselves?

I will be having rhinoplasty/chin augmentation/liposuction of chin, abdomen, inner thighs and hips. My surgery is scheduled for 5 hrs. Is this a lot?... READ MORE

How can I prepare for a consultation? I'd like a nose job

I plan to get a nose job. Before I do what should o be prepared for and at the consolation will be asked what kind of nose I have in mind? READ MORE

Should I clean my nasal hair before rhinoplasty?

Hi.I'm going to rhinoplasty on next gave me prescription list.there are one that I should clean my nasal hair.I'm worrying about its... READ MORE

I'm having rhinoplasty in about 4 months, how many weeks or months before should I stop smoking?

Is one month enough? Or does it depend what doctor? I can't ask the surgeon who is gonna do a rhinoplasty on me because I'm out of the country and I... READ MORE

Questions to ask for Rhinoplasty?

What are some tough, and important questions to ask the when going for a consult for a rhinoplasty, and chin implant as well? I'm driving to another... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and tonsillectomy tomorrow, any recommendations for post op care?

Tomorrow is my tonsillectomy, rhinoplasty, deviated septum correction surgery. I'm going to spend the bulk of today running errands to prepare but I'm... READ MORE


Want to make sure I am fit, healthy and ready for my operation: How do I prepare before my rhinoplasty surgery? Any diet changes? Any lifestyle... READ MORE

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