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What to do about the hole in my nose?

Not really sure if this is the right place but I have a hole in my nose from doing cocaine about 5 years ago. This hole is growing in size even though... READ MORE

What Diet prior to Rhinoplasty Will Help with Swelling?

What types of vitamins and foods are recommended before rhinoplasty surgery? Will this diet also help reduce the swelling and bruising around the... READ MORE

What Type of Pre Op Testing is Needed for a Rhinoplasty? Blood Work? Ekg?

What Type of Pre Op Testing is Needed for a Rhinoplasty?  Blood Work? Ekg? READ MORE

Bulbous nose with thick nose tip...any solution?

What procedure can be done that does not bring a dramatic change to the face but contours the nose tip to look more refined? READ MORE

What Should I Do for Pre-op Rhinoplasty Anxiety?

I am having a rhinoplasty in one week, and i was very excited..untill now. after reading some rhinoplasty horror stories, i've started to second guess... READ MORE

Can you perform successful rhinoplasty on a nose tip with no bone in it?

My nose tip is very squishy. There's hardly any bone in it, and I can press it quite far before I reach the bone. I can also pinch it and drag it... READ MORE

How is bleeding controlled during rhinoplasty?

During a rhinoplasty procedure, how is bleeding controlled?  Is suction used? Is gauze placed in the nose? Or does the patient end up... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty following Septoplasty?

About a year ago I underwent a septoplasty to correct a severely deviated septum that resulted from a broken nose when I was younger. My surgeon... READ MORE

Can I change my nose in this way?

I know rhinoplasty can fix a hump, and refine a nose tip, but could it change how my nose is now to the one pictured on the right? What procedures... READ MORE

Is this a complicated rhino?

I need my deviated septum fixed, I thought I'd leave the appearance alone, but I'd like to research my options to see if my desire to change my nose... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Add Something You Want Done in Your Rhinoplasty in Your Pre Op Appointment the Day Before the Surgery?

Since I last saw my plastic surgeon I realize not only do I want my dorsal hump removed, but also some tip work done. I have yet to talk to him about... READ MORE

Why do patients need to stop using Accutane 6-12 months before a rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty revision?

What are the problems that could occur if someone is on Accutane during a rhinoplasty revision? READ MORE

How Will my Nose Job Turn Out? (photo)

Hi, i am going to get a nose job in a few more months and i am scared of the results. my nose is big and shaped as a bird's beak , i was always teased... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in Tennessee...

Im having trouble on deciding on a doctor for rhinoplasty in TN. Should i go with someone on the ABO (with ABFPRS/AAFPRS) or ABPS. Any recommendations... READ MORE

Is it possible to take valium or xanax everyday 2 weeks before my face surgery?

I am beyond TERRIFIED and will need something to go through with it.It is a 3 and a half to 4 hours procedure; I'm having a nose job, also work on the... READ MORE

What needs to be done to achieve my ideal nose? (Photos)

I have a large 'sausage' nose. I have researched for over a year and I know that I want a smaller and more feminine nose, but I'm not sure if I want... READ MORE

Would it be reasonable to expect this outcome with Rhinoplasty? (Photos)

Im a 22 year old male and have always hated my bent and bulky-ish nose. I don't mind my profile, however I don't like the asymmetry front on. As a... READ MORE

Does fascia have longevity when used for radix augmentation?

In 2011, I had a primary rhinoplasty with a silicone bridge (2mm) and septal cartilage for the tip. While I have had no major problems, I would like... READ MORE

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