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What is the Protocol for Fixing Newly Broken Nose?

Can the doctor put a cast/splint of some sort to help it heal straight? If not, do I wait for it to heal and then seek plastic surgery to fix it? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in Cuba?

I am thinking about having Rhinoplasty in Cuba, as it is much cheaper to do it there. Cuba is reknowned for its prowess in the medical field. What is... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Surgeon Credential Based on Number of Surgeries

The surgeon I am considering does approximately 50 Rhinoplasties per year. I am in Charlotte, NC, where evidently not many people seek Rhinoplasty... READ MORE

When can a plastic surgeon deny doing the plastic surgery that I want?

Sometimes a plastic surgeon can deny doing some plastic surgery. When does this happen? When I think that my nose, for exemple, don't fix in my face,... READ MORE

Can a plastic surgeon show me how I would look before I got the surgery? Is there a program where I can do this on my own?

I want to get into acting, I look okay, but can surgery help me look better, without looking like the scary after pics of celebrities? I want... READ MORE

I've Always Felt Like my Nose Was Too Big for my Face. Can Plastic Surgery Fix This or What Can Be Done? (photo)

Ive Always Felt Like my Nose Was Too Big for my Face. Can Plastic Surgery Fix This or What Can Be Done? READ MORE

Can you undergo plastic surgery to reshape the cartilage of your nose without adding things or breaking any bones?

The only dissatisfaction I have with my nose is that it is a little bit big and bulbous At the bottom. It's not huge though. But I heard if u get a... READ MORE

Should I get rhynoplastic surgery? (Photo)

I have been thinking it for eighteen years now. I've always hated my nose, but now I realize it is not the only problem: I also have a kind of... READ MORE

Do I need a nose job ? (photos)

Hi, i don't realy hate my nose but i don't love him to much. I have effectued some retouch about my nose with a simulator and i think my face is... READ MORE

It is possible that even with plastic surgery a broken nose will stay crooked?

Hi, I broke my nose yesterday playing basketball and they couldn't fix it at the hospital. Now I need to get plastic surgery. It is very bad and very... READ MORE

How much it cost for plastic surgery for the nose?

I need to do a plastic surgery for my nose and I wanna know how much it cost and how to pay READ MORE

I want to do a plastic surgery in my nose? (Photos)

I've broken nose, I breath very hard and my nose tend to the right side, the left side is completely blocked READ MORE

Is it possible for me to get a nose like Bella Hadid's? (Photos)

Hi. I've always wanted a chiseled nose tip like bella hadid's. Mine is quite the opposite, so I am wondering if I could achieve similar results via... READ MORE

Tip extension, lengthen nose Doctor referral -- any suggestions? (Photos)

I've been researching for quiet some time and have found my type of nose isn't always the typical surgery.. I haven't had any plastic surgery, I was... READ MORE

What nose job should I get? And any other plastic surgery? (photos)

Other than my terrible skin, I hated my face shape (which I hope will change after I lose some weight) and my NOSE. Help? READ MORE

Plastic surgery of the nose safe while pregnant? (photo)

I'm in 3rd month of pregnant. Having problem in nose so i want to surgery of my nose. Give me suggestions. READ MORE

How do I know if the clinic has the appropriate emergency equipment for resuscitation during a rhinoplasty?

I'm trying to find a rhinoplasty clinic with accredited plastic surgical facility. I mean if i suddenly start to die during the surgery I want to make... READ MORE

Different cosmetical surgeries only weeks apart - is that dangerous?

I am planning on getting plastic surgery sometime next year, and have found some clinics that are right for me. I sadly like different surgeons at... READ MORE

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