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Can my nose be made petite like Angelina Jolie's with Rhinoplasty?

Can my nose be made petite like Angelina Jolie's with Rhinoplasty? How close can the results be? I don't like my nose I think it's too... READ MORE

My nose is much bigger after septoplasty-rhinoplasty, how long before I start to look 'normal'? I look like a pig. (photo)

I had a bump at the top bridge part of my nose from a previous septoplasty operation in August leaving my septum with fractures, now they have removed... READ MORE

Want a side profile with a nice bridge and a beautiful semi pointy nose. Any suggestions? (photos)

I want to have a better profile picture that showers a high bridge. I hate the fact that when I put my finger on my nose when I press down everything... READ MORE

How to approach Rhinoplasty for wide bulbous tip and slight bump? (photos)

I am in the process of setting up consultations, but don't know the correct terms to discuss the situation with the doctor. I am hoping for a more... READ MORE

What is the potential benefits of Rhinoplasty to a teen male that lack of nose shape? (photos)

I've been considering rhinoplasty mostly due to the tendency for my nose to flatten out when I smile and it's lack of a nose tip. I admire aesthetics... READ MORE

I have a slight hump. My nostrils are also pretty long I'm just wondering is it easy to fix something like this? (photo)

Iv always hated my nose I'm a really small petite girl with a big nose in school my friends would call me squid ward nose (from spongebob) or wierd... READ MORE

What scope of Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I'm 37 and have always hated my nose. I have a very bulbous tip which does not match my petite frame and facial features. I suppose my base is also... READ MORE

What could be done to reduce my nose size? (photos)

I have a petite Face and wanting a Rhyinoplasty that will give me a small nose READ MORE

What would I need to have done to my nose to have a more petite look and how long is recovery for office job? (photos)

I feel like my nose is too long when looking at a profile view of my face and wanted some suggestions as to what would be done if I were to go into... READ MORE

Will a tip rhinoplasty fix my tilted nose, nostril size, and make my nose more petite? Suggestions for corrections? (Photos)

I had rhinoplasty two years ago. My nose was noticeably tilted after the surgery and my nostrils were still large. I got another surgery with the same... READ MORE

What type of Rhinoplasty is recommended for my nose? (photos)

I feel like my nose is abnormally big, and I'm at the point where I cannot be convinced otherwise, it's patent enough for me to feel insecure about it... READ MORE

Is there a way to move the crease of my nose? (photos)

So, I'm half-Asian, and I have a somewhat petite nose. The problem is - I'm sure you've heard this a lot- is that when I smile, my nose becomes wide.... READ MORE

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