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By What Means Could I Pay for Rhinoplasty, Considering my Limiting Conditions?

I am 18 years of age and do not bear an acceptable credit score. Therefore, I cannot apply for CareCredit. Besides waiting until I acquire enough... READ MORE

Is CareCredit a safe financing option?

I would really like to pay for half of my rhinoplasty in cash and the other half I would like to finance but CareCredit seems risky and I have read... READ MORE

How can I pay for a nose job as a teen? (photo)

I'm turning 17 and never really saw my nose as a problem until I finally noticed that it was creating imbalance in my face. I particularly hate my... READ MORE

How much would this nose job cost? (photos)

I want to get a nose job and I'm only 18. I want to start saving up some money but I was wondering if they're are payment plans I can do. I obsess... READ MORE

I would like to know if rhinoplasty is recommended for a nose like mine? (photos)

I'm afraid of getting rhinoplasty and disliking my front view I really hate my profile but like my front view. I would be okay with a dramatic change... READ MORE

Timing For Rhinoplasty?

I feel the need to clarify some aspects about my inquiry. I am currently working and would be able to afford my surgery given time. However, I desire... READ MORE

Nose job monthy payment? Is this possible?

I'm a 17 year old girl looking to get a nose job when I'm 18. I'd estimate for what I want done, it will cost about 7,000 dollars. Soon I'm getting a... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Surgery Questions?

Was just wondering if there are any methods of paying for rhinoplasty surgery instead of paying the full price up front? Like can I pay over a set... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty question about financing.

To make a long story short I got bullied the first year of high school and never went back I got really bad anxiety and I hate the way my nose looks I... READ MORE

Do Doctors Frown Upon Patients Who Need to Reschedule a Procedure Because of Finances?

I will have 70% of my procedure paid off by next week. I could use more time to pay off the remaining amount but I am afraid to speak up. I feel the... READ MORE

How can I find a doctor to perform my rhinoplasty and chin augmentation? (Photo)

I am willing to travel anywhere within the US. I am hoping to spend around $7000 for both procedures, and I need a GOOD doctor who offers a payment... READ MORE

I would like some work done on bulbous nose. What would price range be like? Would payment plan be an option? (Photo)

I would like for the bottom half of my my nose. (Bulbous tip) to be slimmer and I guess I don't know. I just want something done so its just not as... READ MORE

Is there payment plans for a rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I was inquiring if there was a payment Plans on rhinoplasty READ MORE

I am unhappy with my nose. How much is it to get a nose job? (photos)

Can i make some sort of payment plan? How long do i have before i have to pay in full? If I was an out of state long would I have to... READ MORE

How much would my nose job cost? (Photo)

I want my tip , bridge, nostrils smaller.. like a cute small nose.. for example, kylie jenner nose or kim kardasian but more natural, and i could do... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and chin implant? (Photo)

Hello So I've hated my nose and profile since I was in grammer school.I am now 25 and am starting a job where I will be on camera filming interviews... READ MORE

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