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Plastic Surgery for Non-US Resident?

I'm from Spain but currently living in New York for the following 5 months. I was thinking on getting a nose job in the States but I want to know... READ MORE

Culpability of PC for Nasal Valve Collapse and Septal Perforation

Had rhino 2008 resulting in ruined breathing etc. PC said caused by swelling & dismissed me. Now ENT/PSs say sidewall collapse, perforated septum.... READ MORE

Does Kaiser Have a Confidentiality Policy on Photos of Cosmetic Procedures?

Possible an ENT@kaiser w/subspecialty in Plastic Surgery prohibited by kaiser policy to show patients before/after pics? want septo/rhinoplasty, ENT... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Refuse a Rhinoplasty Re-touch?

Hi, I got rhinoplasty not too long ago. I am somewhat happy with the results but still not completely satisfied. I want to get re-touching done but am... READ MORE

My doctor's office is refusing to give me my medical records. I spent $12,600 on rhinoplasty and a necklift.

My surgeon killed himself 30 days after the operation. . I need follow-up care but his wife (who was his business partner) is refusing to release any... READ MORE

If Dr Does Something During Operation, Not Discussed Pre Op?

I had a nose job to fix the tip. My bridge was fairly straight, just a very small bump on one side. My surgeon said he would file down the bump.... READ MORE

Is it reasonable to ask for a refund? (Photo)

My rhinoplasty results are bad. My nose looks terrible and there is no mystery about the failure that is my nose. I don't want to get a lawyer or be... READ MORE

Is it necessary to have my "after pictures" for rhinoplasty taken? 3 months post op and everything is fine.

I am nervous about my before and after pictures floating around the internet. I signed a paper in the beginning saying that he could use the pictures... READ MORE

What are my rights? Please help me. I can't breathe from both nostrils. It's been 4 months of agony

I know this arena is pretty close knit society... but I am in shear agony, I haven't been able to breathe clearly out of both nasal passages for 4... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to See Before / After Photos?

Hi Drs. If I have seen a Rhinoplasty dr and I have not received the computer imagery before & after photos and its been more then two weeks should... READ MORE

What can I do if I feel a rhinoplasty surgeon did something destructive?

My surgeon cut the sutures my lower lateral cartilages apart in a revision, leaving with a twisted nose. He also left me with a deformity that has... READ MORE

Is it appropriate for surgeons to charge your card extra $1000 after surgery they said I went over 4 hour limit of Rhinoplasty?

I'm just really upset because the way I found out was looking at my bank statement. No one told me I went over time and I'm really suspicious because... READ MORE

How to file a complaint against Plastic Surgeon? (Photo)

I'm a young model experiencing severe problems-now i cant breathe through my left nostril 5 months postop Rhinoplasty for correcting deviated septum... READ MORE

Can doctors keep a cancellation fee if I didn't sign anything?

Hello, I was recently planning on getting a rhinoplasty but due to work I had to cancel. I had already paid for the surgery and when I called to... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty missing operative report ? What should I do? Can I use the law ?

I had my surgery on March 2015, My doctor used my health insurance to perform both sinus and cosmetic surgery. However the results are not good and I... READ MORE

When doctors avoid disclosing operative manuever on operative report?

My surgeon hacked my radix, deepened my nasion, and performed turbinate resection (without my consent). He also performed medial osteotomies, without... READ MORE

What is the patient's legal rights as far as a bad rhinoplasty outcome? Is there anything rights wise that will help? (Photo)

Bad rhinoplasty my tip droops my bridge has bumps and indentations my nasal bone on one side has moved also possible open roof. I addressed the Dr.... READ MORE

Rhino job: where to file complaints and how?

The doctor is not replying or answering call when i have asked him to settle everything since i have bone outgrowth after the 2nd operation caused by... READ MORE

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