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Is Packing the Nose Needed After Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty?

Why do some pack the nose afterwards and some don't? My daughter is considering a Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty and we're swondering what the pros and... READ MORE

Question About Splints and Packing After Rhinoplasty?

Do all surgeons put splints into a nose after rhinoplasty that consisted of breaking bones, removing a bump from the top of the nose, making the nose... READ MORE

After Rhinoplasty Does Packing Make Your Nose Look Wider Before You Remove It?

Ive noticed my nose looks wider after rhinoplasty. i have a splint on and packing inside which Iam instructed to remove in a few hours..will it look... READ MORE

Different Splints Used in Nasal Packing?

I had open septo-rhino on Mon, and the packing/splints removed Tues. I looked up there today (had felt it the rest of the week), and noticed there is... READ MORE

Doctor Removed Tampons the Next Day After Surgery. Too Soon?

I had hump reduction with osteotomies and tip work. Doctor removed tampons next day, less than 24 hours... I am worried because I heard from friends... READ MORE

Alarplasty. Is it Normal to Put Cotton on Nose For Bleeding After? (photo)

Hello! I had an alarplasty on the 08/10/12 to reduce the width of my nostrils. All was good , i had minimal pains , anasthesia went good and there are... READ MORE

Is 2 days after surgery too early for gel packing to come out of nostril?

My daughter had surgery to repair a nasal fracture involving the septum, and her nose was packed with a gel substance. Told it would come out on its... READ MORE

Wide Nostrils & Fainting During Nasal Pack Removal?

I'm 48hrs post rhinoplasty, hanging columella reduction and dorsal hump removal. Dr took out nasal packing this morning and within seconds I was... READ MORE

Whay to do if nasal packing comes out?

My son broke his nose on two days ago. Was reset yesterday and the packing came out of his mouth today. What should we do? Thank you so much. READ MORE

Does Packing in the Nose Increase the Amount of Swelling?

I had an open septorhinoplasty and had packing in my nose which was removed 11 days after surgery along with my splint. My nose is now very wide and... READ MORE

I Sniffled by Accident Same Night of Rhinoplasty.. Should I See my Dr?

I just had a rhinoplasty and the same night while sleeping I sniffled (opposite of blow my nose) really hard involuntarily.. I woke up right away from... READ MORE

I still have packing in my nose. My surgeon says it will dissolve in 2-3 days. Should I be worried?

Hi doctors, I still have packing in my nose 3 days after surgery. My surgeon had said the packing was of the disolveable type and would be gone in 2-3... READ MORE

Accidentally sneezed packing out of my nose 12 hours after surgery

I nneezed packing out of both nostrils 12 hours after surgery. There is no significant bleeding although I am in some pain. What should I do? READ MORE

Can I travel on aircraft 2/3 days after rhinoplasty with internal nose packing and cast still on?

I would like to have rhinoplasty in iran which is roughly a 5 hour flight from the UK. My plan is to have surgery 48 hours after arriving in iran then... READ MORE

How to spray afrin in nose after septorhinoplasty day 3 post op if it's completely clogged both sides with dissolvable packing?

The question explains it all. Hope someone can help, b/c this congestion is miserable. ive tried tilting my head back and keeping it back while... READ MORE

Why do some doctors pack noses after rhinoplasty and some do not?

I am going to have rhinoplasty in 3 weeks and my doctor says he will not pack my nose. Is it normal not to pack? I feel good about my doctor but from... READ MORE

No packing = nothing at all?

Surgeons write they don't put packing into noses after rhinoplasty surgery. Does it mean they put NOTHING AT ALL or they put some kind of internal... READ MORE

I have 2 packings in each nostril. When I eat or drink, my ears close with tight pressure. Is that normal?

I had my surgery for septoplasty and rhinoplasty, and have 2 packings in each nostrils. When i eat or drink, my ears close with tight pressure, but... READ MORE

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