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Nose is Too Upturned/REALLY Swollen After Rhinoplasty

I had a septo-rhinoplasty along with turbinate reduction four days ago. Today, I went in to get my splint removed. From the front, my nose is too... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-Op and Nose Tip Was Over Corrected, Now I Have A Piggy Nose, Will This Possibly Change?

I'm 3 weeks post-op and I'm worrying about my nose... It looks very upturned and I don't know if it'll stay that way. I had an open... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Surgery 5 Weeks Ago- Has My Nose Been Overcorrected? (photo)

Is This Ideal Nose Proportion? I wanted some correction with natural looking nose.Before Op. my nose had bony elevation at the nasal bridge with... READ MORE

Overly Narrowed Nose After Reduction Rhinoplasty, Could Fillers be a Good Option?

I recently posted a question regarding my overlynarrowed nose from a reduction rhinoplasty. I now posted a picture to help show my point. Would it be... READ MORE

Nose Tip Over Corrected, Will There Be Enough Skin On the Tip to Fix This?

4 months ago I had open-rhinoplasty tip augmentation work, and think the tip is still very overly rotated, with a very miss piggy look. I am pretty... READ MORE

Help, I Am 1 Day Post Op and Feel That my Surgeon over Corrected my Nose, Did He? (photo)

I had a very deviated seltum corrected but did not want my length altered. He said the procedure was difficult and now I feel I have a short nose. READ MORE

Tip asymmetry and Swelling 5 weeks after rhinoplasty. Overcorrection?

My tip is now leaning to the right (and has since cast came off). The surgeon over corrected the original left tilting tip. However, the hones at top... READ MORE

Do I Just Need More off the Tip of my Nose? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 4.5 months ago in Thailand, feel like he's taken too much off my bridge and not enough off my tip! Devosated my nose looks like... READ MORE

Overcorrected Nose Tip?

My doctor overcorrected my tip to the point where it looks worse than it was before the operation. The same day i came home after the operation i... READ MORE

Can I look like this again? Do I really have to wait a year? (photo)

I feel very sad. Too much was taken out of my nose, can it be fixed quickly, the changes are making me feel ill! I am only 3 months post op. I can... READ MORE

I did rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago. I still have too much swelling, and my tip is hard and overcorrected. Will it change? (Photo)

I did rhinoplasty before 4 weeks still i have too much swelling of my nose and my face...and tip is so hard and over corrected does it stay like this... READ MORE

Are these bumps scar tissue, or was my nose over-corrected and scooped out too much? Will I need a revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had a closed rhinoplasty in July 2016, and I'm completely devastated with the results right now. Last week my surgeon injected a steroid in the... READ MORE

Turned up tip.

I am two months post op and my tip feels really turned up. My columned law was corrected but I feel like it has been over corrected. I am also very... READ MORE

Overcorrected, too short, crooked miss piggy nose - 8 months post-op?

I had a humpectomy and tip plasty abroad. I asked for my doc to reduce the bulbousness and create a subtle ski-slope, celestial nose. But now I have a... READ MORE

Over corrected tip. Will this drop to look normal? (Photo)

I am now coming to 5 weeks post op and am still really worried. Could I please have some honest answers regarding tip drop. I did have a very droopy... READ MORE

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