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Crying After Rhinoplasty

My boyfriend made me cry right after I got home from my rhinoplasty. How will this affect my outcome and what can I do to minimize damage? READ MORE

Is It Still Possible for Dramatic Improvements 5 Months Post Rhinoplasty?

My open rhinoplasty was done 5 months ago. My nose was broken to straighten it,and had a small hump chiselled down. He told me that my nose looked too... READ MORE

Is This a Feasible Outcome for my Rhino? (photo)

Please see photo.  Should I be more conservative? I'm not too concerned about people knowing. READ MORE

Post rhino: pointed, overprojected tip, nostril retraction, low columella etc. Unhappy with outcome. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had open rhinoplasty with LLC grafts 2 months ago. I don't understand why my results look nothing like my goal. The nose appears longer than pre-op... READ MORE

Will laughing and smiling 5 days after Rhinoplasty affect the aesthetic outcome?

My dr never really sat down and told me what to do and what not to do. After reading a lot of different websites I've seen people saying to limit... READ MORE

Realistic expectations of Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Is the before and after pictures made from an app a realistic outcome if I got rhinoplasty? What would you change? My face isn't balance and I think... READ MORE

Best Plastic Surgeons for Secondary/Revision Rhinoplasty in USA?

I wanted to know a current list of the top USA plastic surgeons who know and specialize in secondary/revision rhinoplasty with an excellent track... READ MORE

If I get braces before rhinoplasty, would that an affect the way my nose will come out?

I have a big over bite that covers my bottom teeth. And I wanted to get my braces put on then have rhinoplasty and chin liposuction done. Is that... READ MORE

Is this realistic? How do I clear this with my surgeon? (Photo)

I'm wanting a rhinoplasty and this is my nose before and photos of noses I feel I would love my nose to look like after, am I being unrealistic with... READ MORE

5 wks post op Rhinoplastly, should I be worried about the outcome of my nose?Columella is stiff, swollen, numb, upturned.(photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. I wanted my nose to be slimmer and less upturned. I am becoming nervous as to what the final outcome of my nose... READ MORE

What can be done to improve my nose, and will I have a good outcome? (photos)

I have a bulbous nose, what's a good rhinoplasty option to fix it? READ MORE

Nicotine and Rhinoplasty question. Can this effect the outcome of nasal surgery or increase any risks associated with it?

I've quit smoking because I want a nose job really badly & for my health of course but I quit w/the hell of Nicorette gum, which I am now chewing... READ MORE

Will my nose not have the same outcome if I don't tape it? (photo)

It has exactly been one week since I had rhinoplasty. My doctor taped my nose four days after surgery, and strictly told me not to remove it. I was... READ MORE

Does my nose job look bad or have I got unrealistic expectations? (Photo)

Hello. One year ago I had rhinoplasty but I am not very happy with the outcome and also I am getting some negative feedback about my new nose from... READ MORE

Lengthening vs derotation for my kind of nose?

What's the difference between lengthening and just derotating a tip? Does it have the same outcome? What's the best way for this to be achieved... READ MORE

Droopy nose and tip rhinoplasty outcome

I have a droopy nose and tip I want to have rhinoplasty but I don't want to completely change my nose i would like to leave it still imperfect but... READ MORE

Am currently 11 months post rhinoplasty and going through stressful period. Can high stress levels affect final outcome/results?

Hello Drs, Am currently 11 month post rhinoplasty and going through a very stressful break up. Can high stress levels affect the final healing phase... READ MORE

How to find a Rhinoplasty surgeon?

Hi, Ive been wanting to get rhinoplasty for over a decade, but I can't seem to find a doctor who has an impressive consistent gallery of work. I've... READ MORE

Follow up; What level of work am I looking at here? A lot? (photo)

Thanks for all the responses, it's been really encouraging + comforting. I did note that some of the doctors had concerns that my ideal outcome was... READ MORE

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