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Is It Safe to Do Rhinoplasty Prior to Orthognathic Surgery?

I was injured in a car accident fracturing many bones on the right side of my face. My broken jaw healed into an extremely asymmetrical crossbite... READ MORE

I'm Getting Jaw Surgery to Correct an Underbite. How to Ask for a Nose Procedure to Be Performed at the Same Time?

July 29:moving top jaw forward. In Feb:fell on my nose, bled profusely, didn't swell much, no bruising under eyes so I didn't get checked.My... READ MORE

Chances of Jaw Relapsing Due to Subsequent Rhinoplasty

Nearly two years ago, I had corrective jaw surgery (a maxillary advancement). Just four days ago I had a septorhinoplasty to correct the re-deviation... READ MORE

Can a nasal septum deviation be corrected at the same time as maxillary orthognathic surgery?

I'm hoping to get orthognathic surgery in the next couple of years to correct a bite issue, which I believe I would need my maxilla moved slightly... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty before orthagnathic/jaw surgery?

I have a very wide, lopsided face with crooked teeth. I also have something of an underbite with a receded maxilla in the front. I want to get nasal... READ MORE

Do you have to have braces again to get orthognathic jaw surgery? I had braces when I was younger for an overbite.

And the orthodontist said I could have corrective jaw surgery but I opted not to. Now I'm 30 and hate my side profile. I was thinking of getting the... READ MORE

I'm active duty military I'm looking to get rid of my dorsal hump. (Photos)

I also have braces and in need of orthognathic surgery . Would I have to wait after jaw surgery for rhinoplasty? How long would it take for recovery... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Orthognatic Jaw surgery? (Photo)

Hello, I used to have braces from my early to late teens as well as having my wisdom teeth removed at a later date, however a slight overbite and... READ MORE

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