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How To Treat Hole In Nose From Cocaine Use?

Hi I'm 21 and I fell into a binge with coke for about 8 months .well just this nov I had scabs and yes I picked them or blew them out, well here... READ MORE

Bone-like Bumps in Bridge After Rhinoplasty

I had Rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago today to reduce a small hump in the bridge of my nose. However, since the cast came off a week after surgery, I noticed... READ MORE

Can picking your nose make nostrils bigger? If not, why is one of my nostrils much bigger than the other?

The old left side of my nose is bigger because my nostril is bigger on the left side? I searched realself and got mixed answers..? What should I do?... READ MORE

How to Fix a Wide Nose? And Estimated Cost?

I've searched everywhere but cannot find any nose job cases similar to mine. By looking at my pictures, can you tell me how this can be fixed? And... READ MORE

Why is my face so ugly from the side? How do I fix this?

I mean I look just fine from the front but my nose and cheeked are really ugly,how do I fix this? READ MORE

How to Get Rid off Bruises Under my Eyes After Rhinoplasty

Initially I had severe bruises after surgery 3 month ago which are improving but very slow and currently there is some broun ares with semicircular... READ MORE

Nostrils Two Different Sizes After Rhinoplasty

I had open rhinoplasty a month ago. My right nostril is half size of my left nostrils. My right profile my nose looks long (which I like) and sits... READ MORE

My Nose Points and Flares when I Smile, How Can I Change This? (Photos)

When I am not smiling I have this cute button nose, but as soon as I smile my nose flares and overly points it looks awful!! I would like to know what... READ MORE

How Can I Fix This Bump in my Nose? It's Been There Forever. (photo)

I have this bump in the top portion of my nose & it drives me crazy. When I run my fingers from the top of my nose down the bump or weird bone is... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make a Nose Longer (Upwards and Downwards Direction Not Outwards)?

I have a short button nose and I feel like there's a pretty big space between the bottom of my nose and the top of my lips. Is it possible to make the... READ MORE

Hard Bump on Left Side of Nose

A bony bump has developed on the left side of my nasal bridge. I realized it three months ago. As its only on my left side i think its something... READ MORE

What can I do to make my side profile look better? (Photo)

From the front, I look normal besides a little chubbiness in the cheeks even though I am not chubby at all. From the side profile I have no self... READ MORE

Nose Issues From Wearing Glasses? (photo)

1 year back I replaced my light, plastic frame spectacles for a heavier, bigger frame. Over 6 months later, I realized that the bone at the top of my... READ MORE

Infected Uvula post-surgery? (Photo)

So I got a septoplasmy/rhinoplasty 4 days ago and everything regarding that is fine. However, after the second day, my throat was overwhelmingly... READ MORE

3 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty. Is It the Swelling or Should I Consider Doing Another Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm kind of worried about the shape of my nose. It's been almost 3 months since I had my Rhinoplasty. When I removed my cast, I thought my nose was... READ MORE

After 5 Months of Rhinoplasty Swelling What Are The Ways to Reduce It?

Hello its been five months of my rhinoplasty my nose looks the same accept a very little correction which i cannot see it properly beause of... READ MORE

What Treatment is Available for a Bone Callus After a Nose Job?

I'm 18 and i had a closed rhinoplasty two months ago to correct my nose hump. In the top of the dorsum, in the left side, where the osteotomies... READ MORE

My Nose is Too Wide I Want my Nose To Be Pointy but with a Droopng Tip Like Middle Eastern? (photo)

Is this possible? below i have a picture of my nose(im the black girl) and pics of the noses i like READ MORE

What Type of Nose Surgery is Best to Reduce a Rather Wide Nose and Bulbous Tip?

I have a lot of questions, but let me stick with this- What type of nose surgery would be best for my nose, and what kind of result can I expect??... READ MORE

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