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How Long Does It Take for Dissolvable Stitches to Dissolve? (Open Rhinoplasty)

I had an open rhinoplasty 11 days ago and have dissolvable stitches placed on my columella. My surgeon did not remove them as he said they will fall... READ MORE

How long does swelling last after open rhinoplasty to reduce tip size?

I had open rhinoplasty 13 months ago to reduce & slim down the size of my tip. My ps told me most of the swelling should subside within 12 months.... READ MORE

Bulky Tip 8-9 Months After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty surgery about 8-9 months ago and I am rather unhappy with how the tip of my nose looks right now. Ideally it should be smaller... READ MORE

Getting Rid of the Dried Blood in my Nose, So It Doesnt Effect the Shape of my Nose, After Open Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had open rhinoplasty done on the 22/07/2013. My cast was taken off the 29/07/203, i have alot of dried blood in my nose, I have tried the nasal... READ MORE

Hanging Columella? (photo)

Hello, i had open rhinoplasty a year ago, and for whatever reason the surgeon did not correct my columella. it hangs lower than my nostrils and when i... READ MORE

I had Open Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty 3 days ago. My uvula feels stretched out and is touching back of my tongue making me gag.

I can feel it flutter when speaking or need to cough. The tip of my uvula looks white? Is this swelling or was my uvula damaged from the tube going... READ MORE

Open Rhinoplasty Vs Closed Tip-plasty for Subtle Nose Correction?

I need Rhinoplasty to fix the asymmetry in my nostrils. I went to the two "best" surgeons in the area.The first said I would need Open Rhinoplasty. He... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Columella Scar? (photo)

I had primary open rhinoplasty two years ago and I'm generally very happy with the results. The only problem is a visible columella scar near one... READ MORE

Very Temperamental Fluctuating Tip Swelling 7 Months After Rhinoplasty. Very Concerned?

I am a 26 year old male who had an open rhinoplasty approximately 7 months ago. Since my surgery my nose has had an incredible propensity to swell up... READ MORE

Visible Indentation on Bridge of Nose After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am 2.5 weeks post op i had open rhinoplasty in Sydney, Australia and over the past few days noticed an indent on the right side of the bridge of my... READ MORE

How long after an open rhinoplasty surgery is it okay to drive?

My mom is driving me from the surgery center to a hotel and I will be staying there for three nights. I am planning to drive 4 hours back home after... READ MORE

Fluctuating Rhinoplasty Swelling with Exercise at 9 Months?

I am a 26 year old male who had an open rhinoplasty with both bridge and tip work about 9 months ago. Since the surgery my nose has been incredibly... READ MORE

Strange Permanent White Patch Developed on my Nostril After Open Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 8 months ago. A white patch developed on my nostril at the incision going up to the bottom of the tip. It is slightly raised... READ MORE

Cartilage Sticking out After Nose Job? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 5 months ago. The first months my nose looked fantastic, but over the last 2 months a piece of cartilage has become bigger and... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Open Rhinoplasty - Still Hint of Former Dorsal Hump? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty on 28th March to remove the dorsal hump, and refine the tip. I am aware that I have tip swelling which looks similar to before.... READ MORE

My Philtrum Looks So Long After my Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I did an open surgery 8 weeks ago, i like my nose shape , but my philtrum looks very long and it makes my lips to look smaller. please help me if it... READ MORE

Does Massage Work on Scar Tissue After Rhinoplasty?

Hi there i had open rhinoplasty 9mnths ago and have a tiny area of scar tissue around my nasal tip which is preventing it from settling as I wish. I... READ MORE

Uneven Nostrils 8 Months After Open Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had my open rhinoplasty about 8 months ago. I'm not sure if there is still swelling on my nose, but to me it looks like the welling is gone and my... READ MORE

Terrible Scarring from an Open Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had an open rhinoplasty done about 6 years ago. I went back to my surgeon about 2 years later bc the scars were very noticeable but my doctor said... READ MORE

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