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Breathing Problems and Cracking Noise in Nose. What Can I Do? (photo)

Hi, I believe I fractured my nose a long time ago and have been uncomfortable with the shape of my nose ever since. I can only breath through one... READ MORE

Is rhinoseptoplasty and septorhinoplasty the same thing and can they repair a dorsal hump along with deviated septum?

I have a dorsal hump and a deviated septum the is causing an airway obstruction will septorhinoplasty or rhinoseptoplasty fix the problem READ MORE

What is this crusty wire that was in my nose post- rhinoplasty?

While i was cleaning my incisions after my rhinoplasty,.i was feeling that my breathe is still blocked,i felt that a small crust is blocking the nasal... READ MORE

What changes would you recommend for my wide nose? (photos)

I want to do a rhinoplasty and I may need a septoplasty as well since I have my left side obstructed. Does insurance help to pay the septoplasty? I... READ MORE

Are my nasal passages normal for 5 1/2months post-op rhinoplasty? I can't breathe well and they appear obstructed. (photo)

I am having real trouble breathing after my rhino/septo 5 1/2 mos ago. It appears that there are flaps of skin blocking the passage, there is only a... READ MORE

What is wrong with my nose? (Photo)

My breathing is obstructed. Completely on my left side, partially on my right. I suspect my middle cartridges have collapsed on both sides as well as... READ MORE

Is it possible after a rhinoplasty that was succesful to have the airway obstructed again?

My rhinoplasty I had done five years ago was great! Rally cleared things up. Now I noticed that one side seems blocked again. My GP told me to go back... READ MORE

Dry, crusty, obstructed feeling in nose 1yr after rhinoplasty - WHY?

About 13 months ago I had a complex rhinoplasty - deviated septum, hump removal, old fractures (bone & septum), osteotomies, shortened tip, spreader... READ MORE

8 months post rhinoplasty and one nostril is suddenly very congested. What happened?

Ever since my surgery, I've been struggling with one nostril being more congested than the other - one nostril I can breathe fine from, but the other... READ MORE

When does the swelling/nasal obstruction go down after nasal repair?

I just had surgery two weeks( nasal valve repair, revised septoplasty, sinus endoscopy, turboplasty and tube placed in my right ear) ago and had a lot... READ MORE

Nasal Obstruction and Pressure on Eye Socket

There is an issue with my right nasal bone, I constantly feel a sense of soreness and discomfort. Now the pressure is starting to extend to my right... READ MORE

Nasal Obstruction -- Additional Surgery?

I'm already a month out from my primary rhinoplasty, and already I have noticed impairment to my breathing through the nose. I feel fatigued and have... READ MORE

Follow-up: Misplaced cartilage graft obstructing breathing. How soon can this be revised?

I am 3 wks post op & a septal onlay cartilage graft is pushing into my septum/totally obstructing breathing in left nostril. Mature scar tissue from... READ MORE

My nose is always blocked, but my doctor said I had "no obstruction". What else could be causing my blockage?

I hit my nose last year, and the right nostril has been stuffy ever since. I've gone to 3 doctors and they all said my septum was straight. I never... READ MORE

What is the medical cause behind a nose bump or what it seems to be also called "a risky nose"?

I remember when I was a young kid, I had a straight nose. I don't know when exactly I started to have that nose bump and it is really keeping me... READ MORE

Surgeon left nose derotated & deviated on one side, causing partial nostril closure/obstruction. What do I do? Breathing pain

My revision surgeon didn't rotate my nasal tip properly. One side is now rotated so there is free air passage. The one nostril is practically down on... READ MORE

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