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Will a Rhinoplasty Help Make my Nostrils Smaller?

I want a smaller nose but even more I want smaller nostrils. I haven't really seen people get a nostril reduction is this possible? I absolutely hate... READ MORE

Is There a Way to "Thin" Wide Nostrils Without Doing Rhinoplasty?

I have very large nostrils and I would like to get rhinoplasty but is there maybe a "do-it-yourself" method to make the nostrils smaller or... READ MORE

Nose is Too Wide and Fat for my Face? Rhinoplasty Options? (photo)

As an 18 y/o musician doing lots of close-up video work, I've always felt very self-conscious about my nose, as I feel it does not proportionally... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce Nostril Flare with Internal Excisions?

Everytime I go to a consultation (in Houston, TX) and I ask doctors how they will address my nostrils they say "I will make incisions to the... READ MORE

Can a Male Upturned Nose Be Corrected? (photo)

Considering (primary) r.p., but still uncertain if it's worth it, and would like some opinions on results, procedures, costs. My main concerns are... READ MORE

How Long After Nostril Narrowing Does Swelling Subside?

Most estimates for swelling and recovery don't cover a surgery where only nostril narrowing was done. READ MORE

Cost of Only Nasal Reduction?

I am looking to do a nostril reduction and I am finding that the cost in upstate NY seems to be quite expensive for what this procedure would usually... READ MORE

I have considered a surgeon but he only uses twilight sedation. Is Twilight Anesthesia Safe for Rhinoplasty?

I have considered a surgeon but he only uses twilight sedation. I heard negative stories about this type of anesthesia. I am having a complete... READ MORE

What Would You Recommend for my Nose, It Drops Down and the Nostrils Are Large?

I think it's too big for my face because of the hump and my nostrils are too large because the tip of my nose drop down. When I smile, it gets... READ MORE

Are There Ways To Narrow My Wide Nostrils?

I have wide/big nostrils. Can surgeon narrow it A LOT? Can they be barely vertical? READ MORE

Huge Nostrils? (photo)

I dont like my nostrils at all they are HUGE in person. I would like to see less of my nostril and more of my nose. I edited a picture of something i... READ MORE

Can a High Nose Bridge Be Turned into More of a Button Nose? (photo)

I have a thin, pointy nose that I hate with all of my heart. It looks out of place on my face, I would do anything to get a better looking nose. My... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce the Nostrils on a Big Bulbous Nose??

Hi, I'm a female, mid 20's, & have wanted a rhinoplasty for awhile! My main issue is that it's just too big for my face! Specifically,... READ MORE

Pinched Nose Tip After Rhinoplasty

Is it common to have skin pinch on upper tip of nostrils after Rhinoplasty with nostril reduction? It's like a pucker and it actually hurts! Could... READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Be Done for my Nose? (photo)

I feel like my nose is too wide across the bridge and there are two small bone humps that stick up. I also hate the fact that the end of my nose is so... READ MORE

What's the recovery time for nostril reduction ONLY?

Hi Is the recovery time for nostril reduction ONLY less than a regular nose job (breaking the bone). Will the nose be "packed up" after nostril... READ MORE

Bulbous Nose + Big Nostrils? (Photo)

Is it possible to get this nose without big nostrils and to get rid of the bulbous end? READ MORE

Can I Achieve These Results with Alar Base Reduction Alone? (photo)

I think my nostrils are too wide and too round for my face. I'm ok with the rest of my nose but I would like for my nostrils to be taken in a bit.... READ MORE

Is Possible to Narrow Tip of Nose Without Lifting Upwards? (photo)

I want the tip of my nose & bridge narrowed &smaller nostrils. Dr i saw said he would file down a tiny bump i have(im not that fussed about... READ MORE

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