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Why does my nose whistle when I breathe?

I'm so unhappy with my primary rhinoplasty, and I am constantly reminded of it because when I breathe in deeply through my nose it makes a whistling... READ MORE

Should I See a Doctor if my Nose Makes a Cracking Sound One Week After an Injury?

Last week I fell off a mechanical bull and kneed myself in the nose. It bled for 15 minutes and I was in a lot of pain but I didn't have any... READ MORE

Breathing Problems and Cracking Noise in Nose. What Can I Do? (photo)

Hi, I believe I fractured my nose a long time ago and have been uncomfortable with the shape of my nose ever since. I can only breath through one... READ MORE

Is it ok for cartilage to "pop" in the nose?

My right hand lower lateral cartilage makes a popping noise and slightly shifts about at times, is this a normal phenomenon or does it mean a ligament... READ MORE

I hear a very slight crackling/crunchy sound as if something has cracked whenever I touch my nose. Is this normal?

I am 10 days post-op (revision) and whenever I apply any lotion, toner, etc or even touch my nose (VERY gently- hardly any pressure) I hear a very... READ MORE

Clicking Noise After Rhinoplasty

I am 3 months after a rhinoplasty and my nose is perfectly straight but since 2 and a half months i've been hearing a clicking noise in my nose?... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty. Clicking Inside of the Nose Tip..

3 month ago I had an open reduction rhinoplasty of tip and bridge. Now, the tip of nose is still big and looks high, and I notice that when I push... READ MORE

Last Night Whilst Yawning (Gently) my Nose Clicked? I Am 5 Days Post Open Rhinoplasty and Still Have my Cast on.

My nose used to hurt whenever I smiled a little or yawned but now, since it made that click, it feels fine. I had open rhinoplasty which mostly... READ MORE

Hear Crunching Noise 1 Week Post-Op Rhinoplasty, Have I Rebroken Something?

I got the cast a little wet today and pressed a q-tip against the side of the cast (left side) and actually heard a crunching noise! Does this mean my... READ MORE

Crackling/Crunchy Noise Post Rhino; No Pain/Soreness, Am I Okay?

Hello i'm 15 weeks post op and today while i was cleaning the inner corner of my right nostril i happened to hear a slight crack..... i did not... READ MORE

Bones Misaligned 7 Weeks After Rhinoplasty, Scar Tissue & Bump Returning?

My nose is still not very settled + 7 weeks. I tape every night and sometimes in the day. My upper bridge bones lean left and are not aligned to tip,... READ MORE

What is hearing a small popping noise in the nose a few hours after having my broken nose straightened in a doctor's office?

I can't tell by looking because of the bandage and cast on it. Does the popping noise mean that the nose has gotten out of adjustment again? READ MORE

When drinking water or just swallowing my nose makes a weird noise?

I just had a rhinoplasty 2 days ago but i have noticed that when i drink water or swallow salvia my nose makes a weird noise. I think its air that is... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty strut

Can a doctor please at least attemt to answer this. I had a strut that was on my nasal spine and was bothersome. I got it trimmed and sutured to... READ MORE

Columella strut giving me this moving sensation

I had a rhinoplasty and my surgeon said SHE put a columella strut to my nasal spine. The problem is it gives me this moving sensation and makes... READ MORE

My nose is making weird noises after rhinoplasty, should I be worried?

I'm 4 days post OP and all of a sudden today my nose has started to make this "farting noise" like bubbles trying to escape or a crackling noise. It... READ MORE

After my nose job about 3 months ago, I've noticed that when I burp my left ear will make a noise (as if it's popping).

I never have had this issue before until now. Is this common? why is it happening? how can i fix it? It's almost like their is fluid in their or the... READ MORE

methodology graft. Will I still feel movement once it's fixed?

My columella strut makes grinding sounds and clicks and I feel it moving around and It feels like a ball to my finger. I can literally play around... READ MORE

1 year post rhinoplasty, nose bent to the side and heard a pop/crack. Day after I notice a bump on one side of tip?

I had a small amount shaved off either side of the tip to make nose less bulbous, all has been fine, however I was bending my nose to the right... READ MORE

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