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When I Was 16 I Broke my Nose but Became Really Deformed, Can I Get Surgery to Fix It?

When i was 16 i was punched in the nose, by after the swellings came down my nose was deformed. The side of my nose is now bent and the bridge of my... READ MORE

Will Insurance (In the US) Pay for my Rhinoplasty if It Affects Me Psychologically?

I read that the NHS (in England) sometimes pays for cosmetic surgery if a psychiatrist determines that their self-esteem is seriously lowered by their... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to get a septoplasty and and Rhinoplasty combined by the NHS in London hospitals?

I am aware that I would have to pay for the Rhinoplasty from my own pocket but I want to get them done before October this year. Will that be possible? READ MORE

Deviated septum - breathing hurting sinus when sleeping. Will NHS cover this? (Photo)

I have a deviated septum according to my own analyse. It looks really crooked. When I sleep and breathe in, my head where my sinuses are hurt. Also my... READ MORE

Can I get a nose job on the NHS?

When i was younger i fell and hit my face on a rock. ever since my nose has been slightly wonky and one nostril has a smaller opening than the other.... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty - if the bump on my nose is removed and the tip isn't altered, will it make my nose look long? (Photo)

I saw an NHS ENT surgeon to be assessed for septorhino. He said he'd remove the hump but wouldnt alter the tip because he doesnt like LA noses. I want... READ MORE

Shall I have revision Rhinoplasty under NHS?

18 months ago I had an operation under NHS for deviated septum. An infection caused my nose to reshape, and I was very unhappy that a once perfect... READ MORE

Broken/bent nose. Would I be able to get it fixed on the nhs?

My nose is very bent to the obvious to the eye, I think I may have broke it 6/7 years ago. I'm 18 and my wonky nose that I sometimes struggle to... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty 6 months post op, nose worse than before. Seeking advice. (Photo)

I had Septorhinoplasty 6 months ago on the NHS (uk), my nose now looks a lot worse than before, its still slightly deviated and one side of the nasal... READ MORE

I would like to know if I could have my nose done on the NHS? (Photo)

As I struggle to breath through my nose and I'm very self conscious and worried about it READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty done a week ago very upset as the bump is even bigger now. When can I have revision done? (photo)

I had septorhinoplasty done a week ago on the NHS I am very upset that the bump is even bigger I get told I would have two little cuts either side of... READ MORE

Can I get my nose fixed after the NHS have already tried, or do I have to pay?

Broke my nsoe a while a go and had a local anasthetic (sorry i cannot spell it) but it wasnt foxed properly and the bone is still on the side slightly... READ MORE

Does my nose need immediate attention? I'm currently in London w/out insurance & NHS won't give me an ENT until October? (photo)

I'm 24. About 10 years ago I ran into a door frame.I was too scared to go to the doctor. There has been a bump on the bridge of my nose since.Ten days... READ MORE

Due for septorhinoplasty. How can I tell if my surgeon is good? I can't find any info on him.

My ENT consultant was refered from my private work insurance. Nice guy but past that i am putting alot of trust in him. Cant find any before/after... READ MORE

My nasal bone had a fracture. Is rhinoplasty the only way for me? WIll it be free if I have NHS support?

My nasal bone had a fracture due to a horrific fall down the stairs hitting the wall. However the nose bone is set now due to hospital making mistake... READ MORE

What can I expect from a medically required septorhinoplasty funded by the National Health Service in London? (Photo)

The NHS here in London has agreed to fund my septorhinoplasty to fix an old fracture and septal deviation, and I have an appoint for two weeks time.... READ MORE

Septoplasty unsuccessful. Any suggestions?

I had a septoplasty in 2015 which has been unsuccesful. This has been the 2nd operation to try and correct my breathing difficulties. What more can be... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty under the NHS? Blockage after previous septoplasty.

One side of my nose is always blocked and it results in me having sinus headaches which only relief after I spend several minutes applying pressure to... READ MORE

I am 2 weeks and 2 days since I had septorhinoplasty, when is it stable to exercise etc?

My surgeon was worried it displaced slightly but as its NHS and for medical reasons not cosmetic i have to wait at least 3 months to see him again.... READ MORE

Can I get rhinoplasty with the NHS with my deviated septum surgery? (Photos)

I have been reffered to the nhs to get my deviated septum straightened as it causes me breathing problems. Can i ask my surgeon to also make my nose... READ MORE

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