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Can Rhinoplasty Make my Nose Thinner?

I was wondering if surgery could make my nose thinner. I'm Asian and I have a pretty fine nose, but I wish my nostrils were smaller and closer... READ MORE

I Wanted my Nose Tip to Point Upwards Instead of Down? (photo)

Hello, i'm a boy and 19 years old like i was asking ummm what could be done to make my nose look better? and something thats guaranteed,... READ MORE

What's the difference of alar trimming to Rhinoplasty?

Im just confused, if alar trimming can do but not to put silicone, i mean..which one is better ? To heal? And which one is most look natural and can... READ MORE

Dorsal Nasal Hump Shaving with Minimum Fuss?

I have a dorsal nasal hump (picture included). I probably have what you'd call a long nose, but this doesn't really bother me, and I'm not too... READ MORE

Can Getting Something Like a Nose Job Effect Your Appearance Significantly?

Can getting something such as a nose job really change their appearance into something more attractive? Even friendlier in some cases? Could you... READ MORE

Can my Ethnic Nose Be More "Westernized" Without Looking Funny?

The width of my nose is just about the same as the width of my mouth. I would hope it can be smaller and with a tip without looking unnatural. READ MORE

I Am Unhappy with my Nose, but Don't Know What Should Be Corrected to Make It Most Esthetically Pleasing. Please Help! (photo)

I would like my nose to have a little more deffiniton in the bridge and to look a little less wide. I dislike the small hump that seems to be most... READ MORE

What Type of Rhinoplasty is Needed to Make my Nose Less Ball Shaped/bulbous but Not Fake Looking?

I've never been happy with my nose, it's always the first thing I notice when looking in the mirror and it's due to the bulbous nature/ball shape it... READ MORE

Thinner, Natural-looking Nose from Rhinoplasty?

I am a bit concerned with the way my nose looks. It is somewhat large. I was just curious if you could make it thinner, without making it look too fake. READ MORE

Natural Looking Rhinoplasty on a Large Wide Nose with Little Shape? (photo)

I also have a very wide face though so I worry that if I have my nose narrowed and shaped it won't look natural. READ MORE

Male Rhinoplasty Inquiry. Please Assess My Nose in Terms of Symmetry, Bottom Tip and Profile? (photo)

I am a thirty year old male and based on the attached pictures (I apologize for the initial poor quality images), I am interested on an assessment of... READ MORE

Will my Rhinoplasty Look Overdone and Unnatural? (photo)

I'm fearful that my requests to reduce nostril width, refine the tip, and narrow/define the bridge of my nose will result in an unnatural look. All in... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty advice please for middle eastern nose? (photo)

Looking for some advice as I would like to get rhinoplasty - looking for a natural change to make my nose look smaller but want to use the correct... READ MORE

I have wide nose. I want to cut the alar (nose wings). Is there way to heal it without scarring?

I have wide nose i want to cut the alar (nose wings) so it can get narrower i heard it causes scarring is there way to heal it without scarring if not... READ MORE

What advancements & tools have been made in the past 5 years for rhinoplasty to achieve better results and a natural nose?

Advancements & tools made in the past 5 years for rhinoplasty to achieve better results - & a natural nose .I'm interested in finding out about new... READ MORE

How Many mm Can I Shave off my Nasal Bridge, and Still Look Natural? (photo)

I want to have a rhinoplasty to decrease my nasal bridge, as well as get rid of my nasal hump. How much will I need to shave off for it to be as small... READ MORE

Who has done this rhinoplasty? Can you as a surgeon take on work as complicated as this? (Photo)

Hello all, This achieved rhinoplasty is mind blowing and considered art to me. Though, I rarely am able to see results so tremendous, natural looking... READ MORE

Is Rhinoplasty Customized for Each Patient? (photo)

I am thinking of Rhinoplasty (my nose is pointed at the tip, larger than I would like with a bump & crooked from the front. Overall I like the... READ MORE

Changing angle between nose and lip (Photo)

Hi. I would like rhinoplasty but I am also unhappy with the angle between my lip and nose. In your experience, can it be changed without looking... READ MORE

I Need Your Expert Opinions on a Rhinoplasty Please? (photo)

I am not that happy with the appearance of my nose, I can't pin point what it is about my nose that I don't like. What could I do to improve the... READ MORE

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