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Can my Crooked Nasal Implant Be Fixed?

I've had a prosthetic put in my nose and it's beginning to look crooked. What can be done? READ MORE

Exercise After Paranasal Implants

I'm a 36-yr old female and I just had paranasal implants put in 2 days ago. All I have right now is swelling and no pain. I'm on the antibiotics, of... READ MORE

Nasal Implant Vs Using Our Own Tissue to Build Up the Nose?

What is the difference between having a nasal implant placed and using our own tissue for nose augmentation in terms of cost , result , time for... READ MORE

Possible to Remove Proplast Nasal Implant After 10years?

Is it possible to remove a Novamed Proplast nasal implant that was implanted 10 years ago to add height to the bridge of the nose. The dimensions are... READ MORE

Is It Advisable for Me to Have Nasal Implant?

I am currently a 18-year-old student. i will be having a one month holidays and am planning to have nasal implant during that period of time. i have... READ MORE

My smile is messed up after my rhino, nasal spine premax implant? (Photo)

Doctors please help. i had a rhinoplasty where my columella and tip were projected and pulled down. i also had a premax graft placed through my upper... READ MORE

I have a round bulbous tip and I would like to know which procedure is best for me. (Photo)

Dear all, Would like to check what nose surgery is suitable for me as I have a round bulbous tip and I would like to achieve angelababy nose. I have... READ MORE

Can you fix a deviated nasal implant via closed rhinoplasty as advised by my last surgeon? (Photo)

I've had nasal augmentation 3 times. First 2 times were L shaped silicon which were removed due to deviation. I did my last implant in 2008- goretex... READ MORE

What can I use topically to plump this depression on my nose? Is there an implant safe procedure?

I have two implants in my nose and have developed a deepening scar where my implant meets my natural tissue around the tip and side of my nose. I have... READ MORE

In rhinoplasty, can nasal implants be used alone in the nose, or is it only safe with natural cartilage in the nasal tip?

I get the impression in augmentation rhinoplasty,if nasal implants like silastic, goretex,or porex are used,they must ALWAYS be used w/ ear or septal... READ MORE

In rhinoplasty, can a crooked nasal implant be the sign of a crooked septum?

It's been over a year. There is no infection but over the year my nose has come to feel tight/pressured over the right side and nostril. No infection... READ MORE

Do all nasal implants lead to biofilm? What is it?

I had a nasal implant in the sides of my nose to prevent valve collapse and will probably need it replaced because I don't have enough septal... READ MORE

How it looks after remove nasal implant?

Hi doctor, I'm asian girl who had done nose job six months ago in korea. They done silicon implant and tip job also touched my nose bridge bone. Now i... READ MORE

Is there a way to see if a steel plate or k wire used to hold an implant is crooked in Rhinoplasty?

I have a crooked nasal implant and due to pain, uneven pressure & my appearance following a very bad injury, I suspect the wire/plate holding the... READ MORE

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