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How Can I Fix my Turned Up Nose?

The bridge of my nose is sloped so the tip is turned up at the end.  My nostrils are very visible and I hate it.  What are my options for... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Enlarge or Widen a Tiny Nostril?

Can rhinoplasty enlarge or widen a tiny nostril? One of my nostril holes is medium and the other is so tiny you can barely see it. READ MORE

What is an Open Roof Deformity?

Hello all, what is a roof deformity? I think I may have this problem pretty severely. I've read that seemingly quite a few problems can cause this,... READ MORE

Options for Correcting Nasal Bossa Deformities?

I had Rhinoplasty 2 years ago and had the bossa on the tip of my nose corrected a year after that. Now, the bossa points have returned again. What are... READ MORE

Closed Rhinoplasty to Repair Nasal Wall?

I have nasal wall collapse after an open Rhinoplasty a few years ago. Now, with every breath the side walls of my nose perceptably luff, like a... READ MORE

Post-Op Rhinoplasty - Open Roof Deformity/Long Nose?

I just had rhinoplasty about 2 weeks ago, All I had done was the shaving down of a small dorsal bump through open rhinoplasty. From a profile my bump... READ MORE

Is It Unrealistic to Expect Surgeon to Correct Deviated Nose?

I am choosing a surgeon to fix my deviated nose. I have strong cartilage and very thin skin, that does not hide any deformity. I actually like my... READ MORE

How Often Does Rhinoplasty Result in a New Nasal Deformity?

I am considering Rhinoplasty to correct my dorsal hump and lift my droopy nasal tip, however I am concerned about the risks. How often do disastrous... READ MORE

Do I have a nasal tip deformity or is my nose within the normal range? (photos)

I am contemplating getting rhinoplasty as a 27-year-old male as I'm concerned that my nose is detracting from my appearance. I want to know if I'm... READ MORE

I have crooked nose. I was advised to septorhinoplasty for external nasal deformity under general anesthesia. Thoughts? (Photo)

I have croocked nose which looks bigger from one side view than other side i had an appointment with a Docter and he advised Septorhinoplasty for... READ MORE

Should I wait until my six year old son is older and his nose has stopped growing to have the surgery, or do it now? (Photo)

My six year old son had a bike wreck that broke his nose. He had closed reduction surgery 8 days later that did nothing. I took him to another doctor... READ MORE

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