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Nose Injury/Fracture?

On tuesday night I had a head-on-collision playing football that resulted with a misalignment of my nose, went to the minor injury clinic yesterday to... READ MORE

Could Rhinoplasty Restore Symmetry To My Face After Injury To Midface Years Ago.

I was hit in the midface by a baseball bat at the age of 11, and now my midface is growing noticeably asymmetric. The rest of my face looks absolutely... READ MORE

Can my nose be misaligned nose corrected? I'm 30 years old & about 8 years ago I believe I broke my nose. (photo)

It got hit in fight and profused heavy and got swelling for 10 days and dark circles for almost 1 month.since I was young and uninsured I didn't go to... READ MORE

Fixing horizontal line on tip of nose, and misaligned septum? (Photos)

I have a horizontal line down the front of my nose, off-center, that has bothered me for some time. I'm not sure it's bifid tip, as it's not... READ MORE

What Are my Options if an Impact Suffered 2 Weeks Post Osteotomies Has Caused Misalignment?

I suffered a mild-moderate hit to the right of my nose 10 days after a septo-rhinoplasty with osteotomies. The right side of my nose has been... READ MORE

Is a nose job right for me? (photos)

My nose is ok when I'm not smiling, but feel it is too wide and rounded especially with smiling. I feel like my jaw/mouth is slightly misaligned with... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix the degree of angle of the entire nose? Not just the tip, but to make the nose more linear with the face

My nose deviates laterally to the left and I believe this make the overall apearrance of my face look misaligned. I know rhinoplasty can be done to... READ MORE

What needs to be fixed for the symmetry of smile, nose, and face? (Photo)

I have had sinus surgery to correct blocked and damaged sinuses. My nose was much more oriented to the right side of my face. I have had braces prior... READ MORE

Asymmetrical jaw? Asymmetrical nose? Both? How do I correct it! (photos)

For years, I've noticed that I have a 'wonky face'. I see it in pictures, videos, mirrors - I can never un see it and it gives me a serious lack of... READ MORE

Wide mouth, lopsided profile and poor profile! How can I refine and even out features and profile please? (photos)

I would like to alter my nose to make it narrower, with a defined bridge and more refined tip. I also have a lopsided mouth with one corner higher... READ MORE

Could a rhinoplasty fix the swell on the right side of my nose? (Photo)

I broke my nose long time ago and it healed misaligned. Where my nose was fractured you can see it's permanently swollen on right side. READ MORE

Nose deviated & dented after rhinoplasty? (Photos)

Im 15days post-op rhinoplasty my concern is that my nose is deviated and misaligne what can i do.? it feels bad..i feel so down after getting excited... READ MORE

When i was rubbing my lips together I heard a clicking sound on the tip of my nose. Is that normal?

Is the clicking sound on the tip of th nose normal when you rub the lips together? I had rhinoplasty about 5 weeks ago. It was for aligning my nasal... READ MORE

Which Doctors Would Be Best For My Nose In The MA, RI, NY Area? (photos)

Hello, I have decided to get Septoplasty&Rhinoplasty. I'm lost as to whom I should consult? If this were you, where would you go in the MA, RI, and NY... READ MORE

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