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Nasal Silicone Implant Removal Incision and Scar?

I am 4 hours post-op from a nasal silicone implant removal due to extrusion and infection. Had the L-shaped implant surgery done in Asia and after 5... READ MORE

Possible Causes of Nose Tip (Ear Cartilage) and Columnella (Septum Cartilage) Cartilage Graft Malposition and Buckling?

I have many problems with my nose and many questions about repair. I asked about the possibility of cartilage graft absorption and migration with... READ MORE

Can alar batten graft migrate after surgery?

I had read in medical papers that there is a risk of the alar batten graft migrating from it's point of support and falling into the piriform... READ MORE

Do grafts scar into place permanently?

When a cartilage grafts has been placed in the nose and the sutures dissolve (if any were used) does the scar tissue that forms afterwards keep the... READ MORE

Nose deprojection and blephoplasty implant? (photos)

I feel my face is unbalanced. My nose I feel is too pinched and projected and I feel my face looks tired with loss of volume. What are my options... READ MORE

Any idea why I have these blisters on the inside of my upper lip after rhinoplasty? Upper lip swollen and upturned

Had rhinoplasty in September and my upper lip has been quite upturned and swollen since - particularly the area above the upper lip (same duck mouth... READ MORE

When should improvements in symptoms be seen from antibiotics to treat nasal implant? infection?

Hello, A few days ago I posted a question regarding a possible nasal implant infection. Due to the swift response by the doctors on this forum, I... READ MORE

Can migrated lateral cartilages be put back?

I was injured, ear cartilage and an important functional implant taken out, and it caused my nose to sage and collapse. I suspect splayed lateral... READ MORE

Septal cartilage grafts vs fascia? Permanent? Risk of migration or resorption? I am pretty worried!

My doctor wants to use septal cartilage to rebuild my bridge after a traumatic break. I am worried having read about the possibility of resorption or... READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post op and haven't noticed any positive results yet. Can alar graft shift or migrate? (photo)

I had alar grafts put in each nostril and reduced my hanging columella as well has reduced tip bulk.also requested my surgeon reduce over all size and... READ MORE

2.5 months ago, I had rhinoplasty with Gore-Tex for the bridge. How do I fix potential nose thread migration? (photos)

 2 wks ago, I had 10 threads (5 on each side of the bridge) inserted bcos i find the bridge too thin. but some of the threads migrated. And one... READ MORE

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