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Is it Safe to Have Rhinoplasty in India?

Hi! I live in US but in two weeks I'm going to India to get a rhinoplasty done. I'm scared to death! And not about pain but about the result.... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in Mexico - Worth the Risk?

Is traveling to Mexico (from Minnesota) for rhinoplasty safe? The cost is $3,500 for Mexico and $5,400 for MN. My nose is a unique Indian nose. It... READ MORE

Is This Scar Tissue from the Rhinoplasty?

Hi! I had my rhinoplasty done in Turkey and I'm currently 8 month post-op. The last 2 month I've had problems breathing with my left nostril.... READ MORE

Is Rhinoplasty Right for me or Will I Make my Nose Worse?

Hello! I live in NYC and I'm about to go to India for a rhinoplasty (due to low budget). I really wanna do it because some things are definitely... READ MORE

Who Are the Best Plastic Surgeons in Egypt, Israel and Turkey (And India if There Are Any) Specialising in Rhinoplasty?

I am going to all these countries next year, and would like to get rhinoplasty with a reputable surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. I don't... READ MORE

Doctor Referrals In The Dominican Republic for Nose Job?

My family in originally from the Dominican Republic and I was wondering if there were any good surgeons over there that perform Rhinoplasty. READ MORE

Is It Wise to Travel from the UK to Have Rhinoplasty in the US?

I currently live in the UK and I am interested in having rhinoplasty. I've been researching lots of doctors in the UK but I haven't found any... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in Third World Countries?

Hi everyone.I belong to Pakistan and plan on getting on Rhinoplasty but I'm afraid my results would not be as I expect since the cost of the... READ MORE

Should I Have my Rhinoplasty and Upper Eyelids Done in Costa Rica? Any Advise Please.

I need some help to make up my mind, if I should have my surgery done in Costa Rica!! is it save? should I put my life in their doctors hand? Please... READ MORE

Nose tip became red and sore 10 days post-op. Infection or due to minor bump? (photo)

Had rhinoplasty last Monday (medical tourism). The bridge was silicone implant and the tip cartilage from my ear. 2 days ago I bumped my nose tip with... READ MORE

Can There Be a Red Line on Callus Formation?

About 9 months ago I got my rhinoplasty from out of country, I finally realized that what I have on my bridge (where 2mm silicone is placed) is callus... READ MORE

Do You Know Anything About Dr Kaplan or Dr Klein in Israel for Rhinoplatery Treatment?

Hi there, I have had recommendations from family members for these doctors concerning rhinoplastery in Israel so i have booked consultations to seem... READ MORE

Possible to have v-line surgery, upper lip lift, rhinoplasty, tip plasty, nostril reduction, and full body lipo at once? (photo)

Hello, I know this is quite a lot to do at once, but I'd rather have it all done together than one by one. Also, what do you think the average price... READ MORE

For VERY Minor Changes, is It Worth It to Go Abroad for Rhinoplasty? (Costa Rica)

I want to get rid of a slight bump on my nose and looking at the average prices available locally (around $6000) compared to Costa Rica, Bolivia,... READ MORE

How much does it cost to get nose surgery in Austin, TX? (photo)

I need to know ...How much for $$$ Im Austin Tx im come from Thailand READ MORE

Rhinoplasty + Septoplasty, should I get it done abroad?

An ENT specialist diagnosed me with a deviated septum and suggested septoplasty (for blocked nose). I also have a mildy crooked nose and would like to... READ MORE

Is traveling to another country for Rhinoplasty straightforward?

How do you arrange things for patients that make the trip from overseas and can't spend much time here in the US for follow ups? Is it common in your... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty 4 months ago: Bad aesthetic result, trouble breathing, eyes sunken inside the orbits - What went wrong?

I called so many times my surgeon who is abroad, no answer. Could you please help telling what shall I do? 1. breathing difficulty 2. Sunken eyes 3.... READ MORE

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