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Is my Nose is Too Big and Masculine Looking for my Face?

I have such a small face and small features, except for my nose. I feel like I should have a cute, petite and more feminine looking nose to fit the... READ MORE

How Can Rhinoplasty Make Nose More Masculine?

Hello, I am a 20 year old male and I feel my nose is very feminine (photo on the left). I wondered if its possible to make the nose wider and and my... READ MORE

Nose Feels Out of Proportion with Face - Options?

My nose/eye area has always bothered me. I realize I have hollow eyes but that doesn't bother me as much as my nose. I have a small dorsal hump... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Make my Nose Stronger and Fix Low Radix?

I have a low radix and nose that is quite small and isn't very symmetrical with the rest of the face. I need to increase volume of nose to make it... READ MORE

How Does Male Rhinoplasty Masculinize Your Face?

I was born with a button nose with a thin bridge. My nose is so feminine that I get mistaken for a female. Obviously, that makes me upset. I have been... READ MORE

Nose Not Masculine Enough

I had a rhinoplasty about a year ago, and I am now concerned that my nose is not masculine enough. Mostly the nasolabial angle looks too obtuse, I... READ MORE

Looking for a Good Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Philadelphia

So I have finaly came to the conclusion that I need and want to have a Rhinoplasty done to make my face more feminine since I have such a masculine... READ MORE

Two Months Post OP, No Slope on my Profile and a Bump on my Tip, Will This Get Better? (photo)

I don't see any kind of slope at all, at first I saw a slight slope after the cast off came off now its pretty straight and masculine looking.There is... READ MORE

Will Rhinoplasty Make my Face Look More Feminine? (photo)

I feel that make face is too masculine and my nose makes it even worse since i already have a long face. I have all been insecure about my nose and my... READ MORE

I feel like my nose ruins my face would rhinoplasty be a good solution for me? (photos).

I feel like the bridge of my nose is to defined. I believe it causes the dark circles under my eyes and that without this one little flaw I could... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Improve the Appearance of my Nose?

I've provided a photo and already know that I have a small dorsal hump and slightly deviated septum, but what would you say the limitations are... READ MORE

Will Jaw Implants Make Me Look More Masculine? (photo)

Hi, i'm 18 year old, I always had a lack of confidence, and since 3 years old, i'm planning to do a rhinoplasty because of the top of my nose (don't... READ MORE

Is it possible to turn a wide-ish masculine nose into a small feminine nose? (photos)

I've been unhappy with my nose since I was 13. People have told me told me to wait until I'm older so I could grow into my looks. Now that I'm older,... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Augmentation Methods?

I am having augmentation rhinoplasty, I have had rhinoplasty before to correct a saddle nose deformity. The first did not require any breaking of the... READ MORE

What can I do to look more masculine and attractive? (Photo)

I personally think my deviated septum is probably the biggest factor to make my face look assymetrical, but I'm not sure. Also, I think more... READ MORE

What can I do to make my nose more feminine? (photos)

I've always thought my nose is a very weird shape. I'm a 21 yr old Hispanic female with a small forehead and heart shape face. From the front I don't... READ MORE

Can my nose tip be 'compressed' to get a more masculine nose? (photos)

Can my nose tip be 'compressed' slightly to get a smaller nasolabial angle and a less uprurned nose, all without touching the bone, but just the... READ MORE

Would fixing my nose put it out of proportion with my face? (Photo)

My nose is quite big, with a bump (slightly more visible when looked at from the right). I feel that it looks very masculine and a little awkward, but... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for my Nose? (photo)

My tip is square and wide from the front. The side of it is pointy and masculine. I have a small bump. What can be done? Can my dorsum and bump be... READ MORE

6 months after rhinoplasty, my nose is deprojected and alars are asymmetrical. The bridge is too high. Is this normal?

Its been 6 months that I had a rhinoplasty. I used to have a wider and scooped nose. I liked my scooped nose anyway. I had a rhinoplasty to narrow it... READ MORE

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