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Non-surgical Nose Job Procedures to Reduce Nose Size?

Are there any non-surgical procedures to make my nose smaller, or is surgery my only option? READ MORE

What's Most Attractive in a Male Nose?

With female rhinoplasty, it seems that a lot of looks can be attractive. I've seen girls considered attractive who either have rounded noses, sharp... READ MORE

How Much Difference Will Reducing Bulbous Nose Tip Make?

Hi. I am considering getting Rhinoplasty (a "nose job") done to reduce the "bulbous-ness" at the tip of my nose. However, I am... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty: Why Does my Nose Look Bigger Than Before Surgery?

I had an open rhinoplasty 1 month ago and im so worried and upset about the results the tip looks really big and my profile looks really long! longer... READ MORE

What Are the Possible Risks in Shaving Down Nose Hump?

I have small hump on my nose (dorsal) part of the prominence resulted from and injury and part I feel was inherited? I never really noticed before I... READ MORE

Nose Job Cost Range?

The average or price range of doing a nose job?? READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty: Swelling Has Gone but Tip of Nose is Still Big

I am a UK 39 Yrs old man and just had open rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. All my swelling seems to have gone, but the tip/bottom half of nose is round and... READ MORE

Is What I Saw After Removing my Cast my Final Rhinoplasty Result?

I'm 11 days post op and when I removed my cast I thought my nose looked really ugly and I looked like a pig, but now 3 days after removing my... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty or Fillers for Nose Tip Indentation?

The tip of my nose has become more noticeably asymmetrical and bulbous in the last few years, but the thing that bothers me most is the indentation or... READ MORE

Closed Reduction for Slight Nasal Fracture?

I had small nasal fracture and septal deviation from an errant arm in a soccer game two days ago. It is hard for me to tell if it has affected my... READ MORE

Can my Uneven Nostrils Be Fixed? They Look So Bad in Photos and Videos

I have some pretty bad uneven nostrils and i want to know if this can be fixed and if its expensive. READ MORE

Will Nose Stay Straight After Rhinoplasty?

My nose has grown to be off center and crooked since i was probably 5. If I was to undergo rhinoplasty to make my nose on center and straight would it... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Results Be Previewed by Computer Imaging?

Is there any way to preview results of the procedure by altering patient pictures in image processing applications? Can anybody describe to me what... READ MORE

Is the Nasal Tip Asymmetry Likely to Heal with Time?

I am just over 20 wks postop (open septo-rhinoplasty). Had a hump removed, bridge thinned, and the tip slightly elevated and substantially thinned.... READ MORE

How is a Broken Nose with Deviated Septum Fixed?

I am 19 and had an altercation. I was punched on the side of my face and he broke my nose. My nose is deformed. It looks like I have a deviated... READ MORE

Cost for Rhinoplasty (Hump Removal)?

I am going to have RS performed around end of May/Beginning of June. My Question is based off the picture I have attached,my current picture is the... READ MORE

How Do I Reduce the Size of my Nose? (photo)

I'm an 18 year old male & I'm wondering what surgery I'd have go through to make my nose look less big from the front. I think my nose looks fine... READ MORE

Will my Insurance Pay for Rhinoplasty to Correct a Crooked Nose?

My nose has been crooked for as long as i can remember.I don't have trouble breathing or anything,but it effects my self asteem greatly.I... READ MORE

Surface Infection One Year After Rhinoplasty

I had an open rhinoplasty which involved taking cartilage from my ear and using it to pull my nose downwards/lengthen it as a follow-up to upper/lower... READ MORE

Narrowing a Thick-Skinned Nose?

My surgeon said my skin is thick and proposed an alar base reduction so that it would fit within the width of both eyes, but the wide tip would become... READ MORE

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