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How Long Do I Have to Wait After Rhinoplasty to Wear Makeup?

I wasn't sure how long I need to wait to put on makeup after rhinoplasty? Also, is it dangerous for me to tan before the surgery? I don't mean... READ MORE

Touching Nose After Cast Removal? Is that Safe?

I had a rhinoplasty over a week a go to straighten out my nose (deviation) elongate with ear graft and refine the tip area. After the cast came off I... READ MORE

I have oily skin after rhinoplasty. What can I do to fix this?

I've noticed that obviously due to the cast and constant taping of my nose after my rhinoplasty the skin on my nose has been very oily. Also I've... READ MORE

When can I wear makeup after rhinoplasty?

I had tip plasty and alar trimming 3 days ago and the stitches are very prominent and countless.. so im scheduled to take off my stitches on my 5th... READ MORE

Applying Makeup After Rhinoplasty. Concerned of Damaging My Nose With Make Up Brushes?

Good evening! I was hoping that someone would be able to ease my worries about applying makeup after rhinoplasty. I use brushes and am concerned of... READ MORE

When can I wash my nose/wear makeup/wear sunglasses after rhinoplasty?

So, my surgeon says none of these things for 9 months at least. How can I manage this? Is it necessary for so long ?! Also he said no holiday for 9... READ MORE

What is wrong with my face? (photos)

I feel like there are many many things wrong with it but can't pinpoint specifically what is causing my face to look so off balance. No matter how... READ MORE

I Had Rhinoplasty (Bridge) 10-15-10, when Can I Touch my Nose and Apply Makeup?

When can I touch my nose and apply makeup? I had Rhinoplasty (norrowing of the bridge) on 10-15-10. READ MORE

When Can I Take Tape off Nose? (photo)

I had a nose job 6-30, my bone was not broken but i have a small implant on my nose. The packs were taken out 6 days after surgery but the tape was... READ MORE

Make Up for Scar After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Dear all, How soon after rhinoplasty am I able to use a camouflage make up for my scar? I am 4 weeks post op and the scar is a thin reddish pink line.... READ MORE

I Am Almost 4 Weeks Post Op from Having Rhinoplasty and Am Concerned with Removing Makeup off my Nose?

I am almost 4 weeks post op from having rhinoplasty and am concerned with removing makeup off my nose. my nose at this point is still a little tender... READ MORE

Does Permanent Makeup Effect Rhinoplasty?

I got permanent eyeliner done and a beauty mark on the side of my nose. I'm still about 1 1/2 months away from my rhinoplasty surgery date. Will... READ MORE

Bruising after Rhinoplasty: I bruise very easily, will 10 days off work be enough?

I have my rhinoplasty scheduled for Aug 22. I am very excited, but I am worried as well. I have a tendency to bruise very easily. For example, when i... READ MORE

Im going to have a rhinoplasty soon, I was wondering if i can go for the surgery with makeup on? Or do I have to take it off?

If its ok I rather go with make up on, or at least just on the eyes and nothing on the skin?and what about nail polish? Im going for a closed... READ MORE

13 days post-operation (rhinoplasty). Can I apply makeup on my nose?

13 days post-operation (rhinoplasty) Can i apply make up on my nose and contour it since it is very swollen and i have to go to work. READ MORE

Got rhinoplasty cast off :) My nose is still sore. Is that normal?

So I got my nose cast of three days ago, I know its still very soon and I know most swelling is supposed to go away within a month , as far as the... READ MORE

I had Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty August 8th which was about 2 weeks ago. (photos)

My nose is very tender and very swollen. This is not my concern, i knew it would swell, my concern is the blackheads. I started wearing makeup 1 week... READ MORE

Open Rhinoplasty post surgery recovery? When can I wear makeup/go for a night out without worrying about my nose?

Hi. I'm 18 and new to this ~ sorry if I post this in the wrong place etc Underwent open Rhiniplasty 3 days ago and since then have been feeling ok,... READ MORE

Scratched my nose with a q-tip after my cast has been removed. I am 4 days from my surgery. also applied make up

4days ago they performed breaking of bones , grafting cartilage into my tip also my tip has sutures and i have a high end silicon on my bridge i have... READ MORE

Biotin after rhinoplasty?

Hello. I had a rhinoplasty and chin implant done and I was wondering how long should I wait until I can start up my vitamin Biotin back up and also... READ MORE

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