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Can my Nostrils Be Lowered or Changed?

Hello, I have a interesting question. I had septoplasty/rhinoplasty surgery about 16 months ago and I am bothered by my nostril show now. My nose... READ MORE

Should a Lip Lowering Procedure Be Performed Before or After Rhinoplasty/Otoplasty?

I'm a candidate for a lip lowering procedure that would help with my gummy smile. I also need to have rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum and... READ MORE

Tip Deprojecting and Reshaping Through a Closed Rhinoplasty?

Can you deproject the tip through a closed rhinoplasty? Also, is it possible to reshape lower allar cartilage through this approach? For instance if... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to Narrow & Lower Nose Tip, and Straighten from Profile View, with Very Subtle but Improved Results?

Hi! Are these procedure possible to achieve? Is it risky? & will it look good? 1. Have my tip/bridge slightly narrowed. 2. lower my nose tip, it... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lower Your Columella Wih a Cartilage Graft?

I would like for my nose to look more like say, penelope cruz's or priyanka chopra's in siE of the hanging columella. My nose is wide, it also... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Lower the Nasal Bridge and Nasion Radix of Nose? (photo)

The nasal bridge and height of nasion radix of nose is high as my face is flat and doesnt match along with face. It has really become an nightmare for... READ MORE

Is It Common And/or Simple to Bring Down Columella?

My surgeon says that he will bring down my columella slightly. Currently from the side you cannot really see my columella at all, which I don't like... READ MORE

Can Ethnic Rhinoplasty Be Performed with Hairline Lowering? If So Would That Knock the Price Down a Bit.

Can Ethnic Rhinoplasty Be Performed with Hairline Lowering? If So Would That Knock the Price Down a Bit. READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lower Your Skin Above Nostrils by Rhinoplasty?

Hi, It is very hard to explain but I have round, big and long (high?) nostrils. Is it possible to lower above nostrils to make small nostrils. I added... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for this type of rhinoplasty ? (Photo)

I am attempting to lower my nasal angle to lessen my nostril exposure from the front. I also want some of the projection removed. I have seen 3 facial... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Your Nose Lowered on Your Face?

My nose is slightly too high on my face. It has a huge bump, and the bones are too wide-set. I'm planning on getting a rhinoplasty in a couple of... READ MORE

What is wrong with my nostrils? (Photo)

I think the appearance of my nose would be improved by reconstructing my alars and derotating the tip to lower it by at least 1/4 cm. I don't like the... READ MORE

Why Did my Doctor Lower my Nasal Bridge? (photo)

My nasal bridge was higher + straight, now i have a lower + slope. I just requested for a smaller nose+smaller more defined tip and Alar wall... READ MORE

Can my nasion be lowered through Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I am really not too upset with the shape of my nose, but I feel that it begins as high as between my eyes. I feel that the slope here for me is fairly... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Lower the Nasal Tip More As You See at This Moment? (photo)

My nose is after rhinoplasty after 2 months. The main purpose to do the surgery was to lower the nasal tip. In my opinion the shape doesn't change too... READ MORE

Can Injecting Filler into the Nose Change Lower the Tip?

8 months ago i had my primary rhinoplasty, it looks/feels as-though he took too much of the upper lateral nasal cartilage out from the right size of... READ MORE

Please give me a professional opinion on my nose job. Do you think my nasal bone has been lowered too much? (Photo)

Do you think my nasal bone has been lowered to much from my previous shape? I feel the tip been has been pushed back to far. READ MORE

Is it possible to lower the nostrils? (photo)

My nostrils are a bit large. I consulted a plastic surgeon, and he told me he could fix the overhang of tissue along the superior border either by... READ MORE

I have synechiae in my nose 3 nose after a rhinoplasty. Will removing these inhibit me from getting a revision?

My nose was narrowed/lowered & I underwent nasal valve collapse. My nasal tip cartilages are also crooked. I can feel tight bands from my middle nose... READ MORE

After Rhinoplasty, the bridge of my nose has lowered significantly. Can any filler help? (photos)

I want my profile back, it was only the top I wanted lifted. Can any filler help? READ MORE

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