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Loss of Smell After Rhinoplasty?

I was wondering, is there a loss of smell after Rhinoplasty? If so, for how long? Also, can a turbinate be caused by surgery? READ MORE

Loss of Facial Contours After Rhinoplasty

I Am 30, Heavy Smoker, 51 Days After my Rhinoplasty, the Facial Contours Have Nosedived :), What Exactly is This Due to? READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty - nose falling? (photos)

6 months post op and I feel like one side might have lost internal support? As you can see in the picture -- right after the bone hump, the nose falls... READ MORE

Smell loss following rhinoplasty surgery. Need help understanding what may have gone wrong?

I underwent open rhinoplasty surgery in late Oct. 2012, receiving bridge , tip and nostril work, turbinate reduction and correction to a mildly... READ MORE

Visible Fracture Lines and Overly Rounded Tip, Will This Go Away After Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I have 2 issues I am curious about. It has only been 2 months post op, but I fear my nose will not lose the rounded shape once it heals- I am... READ MORE

Permanent loss of smell after Rhinoplasty. Any suggestions?

Does permanent loss of smell after rhinoplasty occur on a regular basis or am I just unlucky to find myself in a rare category of unfortunates that... READ MORE

What can I do about nasal tissue disintegration? Could it be tissue necrosis? (photos)

I recently went to a surgeon as my nose has changed. I am 30 years old, no drug use. I was told it looked like aging process. Since then I have had... READ MORE

Wound on nose dorsum after rhinoplasty.

I have a similar problem at the same spot as this person except my wound is bigger and caused complete skin loss. What is the likely cause? Cut... READ MORE

Is ringing in the ears after turbinate reduction surgery (6 days post op) due to inflammation?

Right side of my nose is completely blocked and dull aching pain in on the right side as well. The ear on my right side where I hear the ringing is... READ MORE

Blood loss and inability to smell after medpor nasal implant removal. What do I do now?

I had a medpor implant removed based on bad medical advice. It was never infected. Not only are inner incisions still open, but I lost a lot of blood... READ MORE

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