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Post Rhinoplasty: Why Does my Nose Look Bigger Than Before Surgery?

I had an open rhinoplasty 1 month ago and im so worried and upset about the results the tip looks really big and my profile looks really long! longer... READ MORE

How Can I Shorten a Long Face? (photo)

I am interested in figuring out what kind of procedures would help shorten a long face due to a narrow nose. I don't have a very defined jawline... READ MORE

My Nose Looks Very Long 9 Days After the Nose Job.

I had an open rhinoplasty 9 days ago. I love how my nose looks from the front, but from the side it looks very long and pointy. The tip of my nose is... READ MORE

Apart from Nasal Tip Surgery Can You Shorten a Long Nose? (photo)

I know nasal tip surgery can create the illusion of a shorter nose, but is there actually any other way of shortening a nose by the means of actually... READ MORE

My Nose is Still Long After Rhinoplasty, Why is this? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty a month aago to remove a hump, push back the tip, and remove droopy cartilage. Today, my hump is still there bu tthe doctor says it... READ MORE

I have very long nose. Any suggestions to decrease its length? (photos)

U tell me how i can decrease its length..nd 1 thng more u can contact me on my Id...i am 18 yrs old.....nd plzz dont show my pic on READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty: My Nose Looks Longer? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty before two weeks.They have shaped it. But It seems to me that my nose looks longer.I dont know if after some months will look... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to Imrove Droopy Tip but Have Concerns How Tip Rotation Will Look on my Face (photo)

Hi, My nose droops significantly when I smile and also loses it's shape. I want to fix that as well as refine the tip and slightly rotate it up as... READ MORE

What Type of Rhinoplasty Should I Get for a Long Nose w/ Wide Nostrils?

I hate my nose but i am confused about whay sort of nose job i should get.Well my nose is kinda long with wide nostrils.Picture is included so PLEASE... READ MORE

Is my nose too long for my face? (Photo)

I've always blamed my nose for my bad profile, and done so much to try and hide it, making sure people never see me from the side. I have lately... READ MORE

My Nose Looks Much Longer and Pointier After Operation, Is It Swelling?

Please help! I had my operation 15 days ago! My nose looks so long and pointy is this normal also it looks much longer from one side than the other... READ MORE

Is my nose too long/big for my face? And what fixture will compliment my my jawline and facial features the best? (photos)

So for a couple of years already I've been very displeased from what my nose portrays to look like. I know I can't help it on how it looks. But my... READ MORE

How can I fix my long nose?

How can I fix my long nose? I feel like my nasal columnella extends too far into my philtrum area and the length of my entire nose is too long. READ MORE

Long Nose in Vertical Direction

I understand that the most common method for decreasing the length of the nose is to raise the tip.On one rhinoplasty website however I have read of... READ MORE

Anything to Do for Long Philtrum and Short Nose?

My philtrum is really long and I wish my nose would not stop so short. Is there anything I can have done? READ MORE

Will Radix Decrease After Hump Removal? (photo)

I recently had a large bony hump removed. With the hump, my nose looked short and cute. I thought id have the same nose, just without the hump. I had... READ MORE

Chin Reduction And/or Nose Job?

I think that I have a big chin and long nose, do I have to get two surgeries to look better. Would a chin reduction make my nose look bigger or... READ MORE

Would I Be a Candidate for Rhinoplasty? I Don't Like my Long and Fat Nose. (photos)

My nose has made me insecure for years. Would rhinoplasty be beneficial for my nose? The width is big, especially when I smile, and it is long when... READ MORE

Can rhinoplasty fix my narrow and long nose? (Photo)

How extensive of a procedure will it take to correct my nose? What options are there as far as shaping out there for me? What shape would compliment... READ MORE

How to Improve my Nose? (photo)

I would like to alter a couple things with respect to my nose. I feel that the tip of my nose droops and over-projects, making my nose longer than I... READ MORE

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