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Rhinoplasty Under Local Anesthesia?

I am nervous about anesthesia and wanted to know if I would be able to do a type of anesthesia that doesn't require you to be put to sleep for a... READ MORE

Cost of Hanging Columella Reduction Under Local Anesthesia?

What is the average cost of a a hanging columella reduction under local anesthesia? i understand that these are just estimates. READ MORE

Is Tip Rhinoplasty Painful? Local Anesthesia

I love my nose shape but I don't like my profile. It's just a little bit long and when I am talking or laughing the tip bends down. I am... READ MORE

Can Tip Reduction Be Performed Under Local Anesthesia?

I had my nasal bone rasped about 1 month ago and thought this would solve my issues with my nose; however, I'm realizing now that I need to get my... READ MORE

Will a Rasping with Local Anesthesia Be Suitable for my Nose Bump?

Hey docs. So, I love my nose from the front. From the side, I have a small bump that I wish I didn't have. It is so small that I wouldn't get a whole... READ MORE

Closed Rhinoplasty with Local Anesthesia? (photo)

I found a doctor who only does closed rhinoplasty under local anesthesia, in his own office. He is board certified and I heard he does natural noses.... READ MORE

Can an Alarplasty Be Done Under Local Anasthesia?

Im curious as to whether alarplasty can be done under local anasthesia? Can any rhinoplasty be done this way? READ MORE

Are Tip Rhinoplasty/Chin Lipo Possible with Local Anesthesia?

I am looking to get some work done on my chin and nose but am TERRIFIED of general anesthesia, it is just not an option for me. I was wondering if... READ MORE

Can Nasal Tip Graft Be Removed Under Local Anesthesia?

I had an open rhinoplasty a year ago to slim my nose and my doctor decided to also add a strut and tip graft (taken from septum) that we never... READ MORE

Can You Have Two Surgeries (Example: Rhinoplasty and Bbl) a Day Apart when the Doctors Use Local?

I am having 2 different surgeries a day apart by 2 different doctors. I am having rhinoplasty on the 1st day then bbl with lipo to chin arms and inner... READ MORE

Around How Much Would Narrowing the Nostrils and a Slight Tip Refinement Cost (If Possible, Under Local with Sedation)?

Could this be done under local with sedation? I have had rhinoplasty once before, and although I am content with the new shape of my nose, I still... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Local Anesthesia 3 Months Before Wedding a Good Idea? (photo)

I have a scheduled rhinoplasty with local anesthesia October 15th and my wedding day is January 26th 2013. I have a small bump that has to be removed... READ MORE

I Am 8 Months Post Op - Should I Be This Swollen (I Have Thick Skin!)?

Hi doctors, I really appreciate this site being available for those in similar situations to myself. Please could you help in any way... I am 8 months... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Die from Rhinoplasty?

Hello is it possible to die from rhinoplasty itself example you are having rhinoplasty under local anaesthesia (without iv sedation). READ MORE

Tip only rhinoplasty, local anesthesia? (photo)

I am a 33yr old woman, and I've been wanting to change my nose for years. I am ok with the little bump in my nose but what I really want to change is... READ MORE


This is a follow up to my first question: are you saying all rhinoplasty surgeons perform operations like the one in the link below with the local... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a Rhinoplasty and Hair Transplant in the same month? Anesthesia risks?

I plan to have two surgeries in my holiday. A hair transplant under local anesthesia on the 6th of January and a Rhinoplasty under general anesthesia... READ MORE

Can a tip rhinoplasty only be an in-office procedure? (Photo)

Is it cheaper if a tip rhinoplasty surgery is performed in an in-office facility instead of an out-patient facility? And can a tip rhinoplasty be done... READ MORE

Local Anestesia with Sedation For Rhinoplasty?

I'm really considering rhinoplasty and I've read lots os info about the procedure and most of the doctors in my area use local anesthesia with... READ MORE

Rotate Tip Under Local Anesthesia?

Is it possible to rotate nose tip upwards slightly under local anaesthesia? That is, without doing it as an actual rhinoplasty surgery in the surgery... READ MORE

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