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Nostrils Show Too Much After Rhinoplasty: Is my Nose Too Short/high? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago to remove a large hump and lift what I thought was a slightly droopy tip. Now my profile is straight (which I love)... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Make my Nose More Defined? (photo)

I had a non surgical nose job less than a year ago and loved the results. It didn't last very long at all, maybe 4 months. I wanted to know... READ MORE

How Can my Nose Be Improved? (photo)

What I think I want: tip refinement (including lift), de-projecting it, elimination of the bump. What the PS said during my consultation: bringing in... READ MORE

How Much a Nasal Tip Can Be Lifted During a Rhinoplasty?

I'm having a rhinoplasty after 5 days & my surgeon told me that he'll remove my dorsal hump & lift my nasal tip but he didn't tell me how much... READ MORE

Can a nose tip be lifted with barbed thread ?

I would like more rotation of my nose tip, I dont think that I should go for another rinoplasty just for that, but if threads (barbed or serdev... READ MORE

Bridge Implant to Help "Lift" Nose?

I'm multiracial with soft features, so having a small refined nose would severely alter my face. So I'm interested in a bridge implant. Nothing... READ MORE

Best procedure to lift tip of nose ? (photos)

I hate the tip of my nose. It looks like an arrow head and I just want the tip lifted. I can't be out of a job for very long . So what is the best... READ MORE

Is it possible to lift the nostrils and change their angle? (Photo)

I have a very upturned nose, I actually hate it. I was wondering if it was possible to lift the nostrils angle so that my nose is closer to being 90... READ MORE

Tip Lifted but Now Drooping? Can Removing the Cast Hurt the Results?

I had my tip lifted during rhinoplasty. immediately after removing the cast it looked lifted and nice. but then a few hours later it seemed to droop?... READ MORE

What Are my Biggest Concerns Facing Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

I am confident about my decision to shave down my bump and slightly lift the tip. After consulting with a few surgeons, I discovered my septum is... READ MORE

Will taping the nose tip help permanently lift the tip a month after rhinoplasty?

If so by how much can it be lifted by taping? the tip dropped a little after the cast came off and i want to get it back to where it was READ MORE

Is Rhinoplasty and Lifting my Tip the Best Choice for Me? (photo)

Considering also scheduleing Rhynoplasty along with my Septoplasty. My nose is crooked and has a small bump. I hate how it looks wide when i smile.... READ MORE

Exactly what is alar trimming?

What kind of different alarplasty is there? Is alar trimming the same as a noselift? Thank you READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Nose Post-op? (photo)

I'm two weeks post-op. My nose seems very crooked. One side looks different than the other (however it was a bit different before surgery too). I had... READ MORE

I just got open rhinoplasty, without breaking the nose to shave down a large dorsal hump and lift the tip. (photo)

I just got the bandages off and as you can see in the picture you can see still a large bump. Is this just swelling? Or am I stuck with this? READ MORE

Hanging Columella and Big Nasal Tip 3 Months Post Op? (photo)

Had closed rhinoplasty 3 months ago to remove a hump and lift the tip. I like the new nose, but the tip bothers me. In profile it appears ok, but in... READ MORE

Is This a Realistic Aspiration for a Rhinoplasty Surgery? (photo)

I'm hoping to get my nostrils thinned, lifted and narrowed; the tip narrowed and defined, as well as the bridge narrowed/defined. I have a wide nose... READ MORE

Tip reduction and lifting only or osteotomies needed too? Can my nose tip be nicely corrected with closed rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had consultations with 2 doctors but their opinions were opposite. First doctor said he would do open rhinoplasty with grafting without osteotomies... READ MORE

I cant understand what's wrong with my face! (photo)

So this is my face, my nose is tilted a little to the right and my lips look disordered because of this. Sometimes my appearance look really bad, so... READ MORE

Post rhinoplasty, my nose tip is swollen. Will it improve? (Photo)

I had the tip of my nose lift, as you can see the changes. My doctor suggested to keep taping my nose every night, but I still see the swelling and... READ MORE

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