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Fraxel for Rhinoplasty Scars?

I had a very bad Rhinoplasty by a doctor in India. He cut my nose on both sides from outside, which became two big scars. Then, I had a revision... READ MORE

My Nose is Flat and Wide, Would Laser Work? (photo)

Saw plastic surgeon. he said that nose is wide and flat as you can see from the photos .said that the problem is not on the inside because he looked... READ MORE

Is Laser Rhinoplasty True?

Can a dorsal hump be removed using the laser technique in rhinoplasty .. Or can a laser be used in rhinoplasty no matter what task it accomplishes ..... READ MORE

Laser for Bulbous Nose?

Hello I had a Rynoplasty, good results on the nose base. I did the prosedure because of my boulbus tip. He removed cartlige, but my nose is still... READ MORE

Can Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Help with Post-op Rhinoplasty Swelling and Recovery?

Some studies and hospital trials have shown LLLT can induce wound healing, reduce recover time post-surgery, and improve collagen production - all... READ MORE

Why Can't a Laser Machine Be Used in Rhinoplasty to Precisely Cut the Bone and Cartiladge?

It seems that if the exact measurements were given to the machine, the laser could etch away with perfect symmetry. Why couldn't this be used? READ MORE

Full Face Erbium Laser After Rhinoplasty?

Is it safe do so 7weeks after rhinoplasty ? Can the erbium laser be done at the columella ? READ MORE

How do I deal with open Rhinoplasty incision scars?

Is there a laser or some other technique that helps incision on the columella appear less visible. I find it so hard to believe that there may be... READ MORE

Will laser turbinate surgery help my breathing?

I've struggled to breathe at night and sometimes in the day since I broke my nose. I had septorhinoplasty to improve shape and breathing but I still... READ MORE

2.5 years post Rhinoplasty. Subcutaneous scar tissue requiring steroid injections since 1 year. Should I opt for co2 lasers?

I am 2.5 years post rhinoplasty (open). My surgeon treated the subcutaneous scar tissue with kenalog inj but the effect stays for few days and the... READ MORE

Which one should I have first: Fractional laser skin resurfacing or Rhinoplasty?

I know I need to have both methods and they should not be performed at the same time, the laser skin resurfacing is to eliminate acne scars and large... READ MORE

Difference between laser and scalpel rhinoplasty? What is better?

Dear, Doctor tell me please what is the difference between laser rhinoplastic and standart old-style scalpel surgeon rhinoplastic? What is better?... READ MORE

CO2 Laser & Rhinoplasty: Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (Oral Herpes)- Should I take an anti viral drug as a precaution before surgery?

Next week I am undergoing rhinoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, a u-lift, and CO2 laser on my face, neck and chest. I've gotten cold sores since I was a... READ MORE

Doctor that uses lasers for Rhinoplasty?

Slight bump on nose- looking for a doctor (LA) that uses laser cutting for rhinoplasty. I am aware there are gimmicky doctors that use them. Looking... READ MORE

Reduction thickness of nasal skin by laser. Any suggestions?

I had rhynoplasty 2 years ago and i didnt like result.My doctor said me my nasal skin is thick and will not be good result more.Recently i found the... READ MORE

I had a nose job 1,5 month ago. Soon I will have a laser teeth bleaching. Could this treatment harm my nose recovery?

I will stay at least for about 60 minutes at a smile position. My nose will be forced during the laser teeth bleaching. Will this have any harm for my... READ MORE

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