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After 3 Days from Rhinoplasty, the Swelling Moved to my Lower Cheeks!

The swelling was around my eyes, second day on my upper cheeks and finally it's now on my lower cheeks along my jaw line. Should I apply ice to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change my Jaw Shape and Change the Shape of Your Nose? (photo)

I really have always disliked my nose as its down and pointy i would like it flatter and more bulk. I would like my jaw line to be altered also to... READ MORE

Is my nose too long/big for my face? And what fixture will compliment my my jawline and facial features the best? (photos)

So for a couple of years already I've been very displeased from what my nose portrays to look like. I know I can't help it on how it looks. But my... READ MORE

I have a strong jawline. Will I look ugly with a small nose? I'm apprehensive about surgery. (Photo)

I have a strong jawline and ive heard that people with strong jawlines look ugly with small noses, please look at my pictures and advise. Im very... READ MORE

Will Jaw Implants Make Me Look More Masculine? (photo)

Hi, i'm 18 year old, I always had a lack of confidence, and since 3 years old, i'm planning to do a rhinoplasty because of the top of my nose (don't... READ MORE

Hate my Profile. Aside from Rhinoplasty, What else Can I Do to Make my Jaw More Defined? (photo)

It's a bad pic, but ive been told i have a pseudohump. I want it more feminine and upturned but i dont want to shave down my nose because it would... READ MORE

Notably Uneven Jaw/Face, Flared Nostrils/Prominent Nose. Which Procedures Would You Prioritize? (photo)

I am discontent with my face and done many attempts to harmonize it's uneveness only to end up with more prominent uneveness. I would like procedures... READ MORE

I Am Not Pleased with my Facial Appearence, Help Would Be Appreciated. (photo)

I am 19 and of african descent.Since I stared puberty have had problems with my appearence. My nose is wide, with large nostrils and no bridge. I have... READ MORE

Is This Change Possible For My Nose? (photo)

I'm wondering if this change is achievable and what if any procedures I may have missed, I am undergoing a facelift in august to restore my youthful... READ MORE

How much would it be to realign my face? (photos)

I'd probably get a nose job and fix my jaw line. My crooked jaw has result it crooked teeth but it's not really noticeable but I wouldn't mind a... READ MORE

I want to reshape my nose and get the V-shape jawline/neck surgery (Photo)

I want to reshape my nose because i feel it is slightly crooked and too masculine looking for my face. I also want to get the V-shape jawline/neck... READ MORE

Improving Facial Structure for Male, Plumpy Round Race? (photo)

Hi. I have a small lottery win to invest into all things 'cosmetic surgery'. I know I need rhinoplastly - more on that later. But for now my question... READ MORE

I hate my face. It makes me look like a baby and carries fat. Would a nose job and chin implant help? (Photo)

My face is way smaller than it should be and has been bugging me for years. I see asymmetry, a crocked nose, a small chin, a double chin, no cheek... READ MORE

Nasal Reduction, Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Augumentation? (photo)

I desire to have a bridge and smaller nostrils, cheekbones with a more defined looking jawline. I want a more balanced look, more feminine, is this... READ MORE

How much would both Rhinoplasty and Chin augmentation cost? (photos)

I would like to do a rhinoplasty and a chin augmentation to define my jaw line. I find my face chubby and find my nose too big, crooked and imposing.... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to reduce pointy nose, raise nose and reduce nostril size/visibility? (Photo)

Would rhinoplasty be possible to reduce the pointyness of my lower nose cartilage, raise my nose to make it look less long on my face, and reduce... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for closed rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I'm 19 and have had a dorsal hump on my nose all my life. I wouldn't say my nose is excessively large but it definitely is one of the more prominent... READ MORE

Am interested in a rhinoplasty and better facial balance. I would like a defined masculine jawline?

Please tell me what you see? Can you talk about exactly what you would do and also, would you lift the tip of my nose? Would a chin implant help? neck... READ MORE

What's the best cosmetic procedure to minimize fat cheeks? Can rhinoplasty minimize the wide bottom part of my nose? (Photo)

I am a slim 22 year old. I weigh 150 lbs and stand at 5'8'. I have never been overweight, fat or chubby. when I take pictures of my face people tend... READ MORE

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