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Insurance Coverage for Correcting Deviated Septum and Crooked Nose?

I have a deviated septum and am going to get surgery in the summer but I also have a crooked nose due to breaking it. Is there any way I could get my... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Both Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty?

I am an African American woman seeking to get Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty done at the same time. I am worried about insurance coverage.My mom said... READ MORE

Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Surgery?

I am interested in having a rhinoplasty or nose job. What cosmetically bothers me is the hump or bump I have on my nose that makes it look crooked. I... READ MORE

Lowering Cost for Combined Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty Possible?

I have a Z shaped deviated septum according to the plastic surgeon/ENT and I also am doing Rhinoplasty to remove a hump on my nose. I have no... READ MORE

Bump on my Nose - Fix Deviated Septum and/or File Hump?

I have a slight bump on my nose but My nose is a bit longer and the tip is prominent and wider...would it look bad if my septum was straightened out... READ MORE

Will my Insurance Pay for Rhinoplasty to Correct a Crooked Nose?

My nose has been crooked for as long as i can remember.I don't have trouble breathing or anything,but it effects my self asteem greatly.I... READ MORE

Will a Septo-Rhinoplasty Be Covered by Insurance?

I have a deviated Septum, and after consulting an ENT found out that Septoplasty is the best option for me. However, I also have a bump on my nose... READ MORE

What treatment options besides Rhinoplasty can fix my crooked nose?

Hello all,I have a crooked nose and would like to know of treatment options besides rhinoplasty,I recently got a qoute of $5,300 and I cant afford to... READ MORE

Crooked Nose and Trouble Breathing, Will Insurance Cover Surgery? (photo)

I am very insecure about my nose and i have had trouble breathing ever since I was a child. I remember breaking my nose, but hardly ever noticed it... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Deviated Septum and Nose Hump Caused By Broken Nose

I broke my nose 5 years ago but did not have it fixed. I am having trouble breathing through my nose especially on one side, and have regular... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty After Accident?

Saturday while playing basketball a girls head collided with my nose and broke it. It is curved and my septum is deviated. I did go to the emergency... READ MORE

How to Get Insurance to Cover Rhinoplasty?

I broke my nose when I was younger and had to have surgery. I had problems breathing out of my right side. I had a Septoplasty by an ENT doctor about... READ MORE

Will Nose Bump Become Larger or More Pronounced As We Age?

Also, does insurance ever cover the cost of a Rhinoplasty procedure? READ MORE

Revision for Dent After Rhinoplasty?

I had a Rhinoplasty a year ago next month. But, now there is a "dent" along the right side of the bridge area. One side is totally smooth then you get... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Rhinoplasty for Breathing Problems?

I sometimes have difficulty breathing but it is not life threatening at all. I am looking to have my doctor refer me to a plastic surgeon to do a... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Without Insurance?

I've had a crooked nose since the time I entered high school. I never had enough money to fix it until now. The main problem now is that I do not have... READ MORE

When Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty Are BOTH Medically Necessary How Do You Get Coverage?

When both Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty are BOTH medically necessary how do u get coverage from your insurance? My ENT says due to the fact that the bone in... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Nose Hump Removal Due to Injury?

I recently broke my nose playing basketball. I had to get it reset back in place by surgery. Since it has healed the bone has seemed to become larger... READ MORE

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