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My Nose is Bulbous and Nasal Tip is Overprojected Due to Fat, What Can Be Done to Improve It?

I am indian and have thick skin.However I think my nose is bulbous because of fat under the skin and not the skin itself. READ MORE

Baltimore, Maryland Rhinoplasty Doctor Recommendations

I am an Indian male with unusally big nose bigger than my face. Can you provide me a solution? Do I need a Rhinoplasty surgery or should I just leave... READ MORE

How Do I Find the Best Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

I have done a few research and found that many of the Rhinoplasty surgeons have done at least one or two ethnic rhinoplasty but didn't find anyone... READ MORE

Should I Get a Rhinoplasty or is my Skin too Thick? Will It Affect my Breathing?

I am a 26 year old male I am Indian (from India) and I understand I have thick skin around my tip. How much will this affect my result on the tip of... READ MORE

What Type of Rhinoplasty Should I Get for a Long Nose w/ Wide Nostrils?

I hate my nose but i am confused about whay sort of nose job i should get.Well my nose is kinda long with wide nostrils.Picture is included so PLEASE... READ MORE

Can This Nose Be Corrected? To What Extent? (photo)

I have a crooked nose. The upper part of my nose--the bone which connects to my forehead--is tilted towards the left. I also have a deviated nasal... READ MORE

What Does a Typical North Indian or Pakistani Nose Look Like?

I ask as many recognize my nose shape to resemble the typical Indian or Pakistani shape, while I realize there are many variations, but there must be... READ MORE

8 days post op Rhinoplasty on thick skin, I see no change. Will my nose probably be bigger than before? (photos)

Indian, 27, Female 6 days after Rhino & I hav a bigger,more bulbous nose.Day 8 & no change.The doc said the skin was thick (not sure how thick ) &... READ MORE

How Can my Nose Be Made to Look Less Ethnically East Indian? (photo)

I have a few generally unattractive qualities of the aesthetic of my nose, such as wide nostrils and base, as well as slightly too long and out of... READ MORE

Is Reduction Rhinoplasty with Tip Enhancement Worth It? (photo)

I come from a mixed backrgound (North Indian + Persian) and am contemplating rhinoplasty. Would you recommend tip grafts or sutures? If not supported... READ MORE

I have an Indian nose which is rounded with no tip. I also think it needs to be turned up a little. What are my options? (Photo)

I'd like a smaller tip and a straighter nose. Please could you explain what exactly needs to be done, as I am struggling to explain this in words and... READ MORE

I Rhinophyma Since 5+ Years(Heriditary:father) There're Quit Few Nodules on the All over Nose. I Have an Type Indian Skin Tone.

I have thickening on tip of nose which I absolutely hate. Which of these two lasers, Erbium Yag or Fraxel, would improve my condition? I am on Tazora.... READ MORE

Nose job for Asian Indian Female--lots of conflicting opinions from surgeons. What would you do? (photo)

I have been looking for a plastic surgeon in Columbus, OH to perform a nose job on me. I am overwhelmed because I like all the doctors I have met but... READ MORE

Please Suggest a Good Rhinoplasty Surgeon Who Can Make my Nose Bridge Thinner/narrow and Alar Base Reduction?

Hello, I am an Indian women (26 years) and have a really wide nose with wide nostrils and wide bridge. I am looking for a good Rhinoplasty surgeon who... READ MORE

Do I Have Thick Skin? Is My Tip is Too Wide? (photo)

I was considering a tip refinement for my nose and read that its hard if u hav thick skin. I am of indian background and i have oily skin. I have a... READ MORE

Indian girl looking for a Rhinoplasty. Is it possible to make my whole face more feminine with a nose job?

My primary concern is trying to make my face look more feminine as I have very androgynous features. However my nose, is quite large and bulbous. I... READ MORE

Im So Scared of Doing Rhinoplasty Because After Using an Implant There's Alot of Precautions to Take?

However i just want to check if it is better to use medpor implants or use my ear cartilage. i am asian (indian) and my doc says i need a 1.5mm... READ MORE

Can I Achieve Dramatic Results Through Ostetomy Procedure? (photo)

I am a 27 year old male and I live in San Diego and I am of East Indian ethnic origin. I have a very wide dorsum with a bump and I desire to achieve... READ MORE

Is it possible to leave a hump/convexity to the nose? (photos)

I have a long, droppy nose. To go from that to a lifted, straight bridge will be too much. Main concern for me is my tip - it is droppy and no support... READ MORE

I'm 18 and my nose is growing bigger and bigger. Will rhinoplasty help? (photo)

My nose is growing bigger infact now i am 18 my nose is not straight it is little bit is there anything i can do about it..i am really... READ MORE

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