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Recovery Time for in Office Rasping?

I have a bony callus 5 months post rhinoplasty. My surgeon said it would be no problem to rasp down in office under local anesthesia in a few more... READ MORE

In Office Correction and Revision Options?

What kind of corrections/procedures can be done after rhinoplasty and how soon after the the first surgery? Can bones be re-adjusted, cartilage added,... READ MORE

Can a tip rhinoplasty only be an in-office procedure? (Photo)

Is it cheaper if a tip rhinoplasty surgery is performed in an in-office facility instead of an out-patient facility? And can a tip rhinoplasty be done... READ MORE

I have a small bump on my nose (cartilage) - Is anyone willing to do it in office? (Photo)

6 months post op, I know this is a simple tiny shave, I only want to do it if a surgeon is comfortable in office and has done a case like this before.... READ MORE

In-office Procedure for a Failed Rhinoplasty?

I had an unsuccessful rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. I had the upper nasal bones broken to remove a bump on the side of my bridge and center my nose. Nearly... READ MORE

How long does it take for a minor bump on one's nose to heal after an in-office minor rhinoplasty procedure?

I had a Rhinoplasty around a year a half ago. The surgery went well, everything was fine until I started developing a small, but noticeable bump on... READ MORE

What results are possible with a in office procedure for rhinoplasty?

I have gotten a closed rhino about 11 mo ago. My results ended up being too similar to my old nose, so I spoke with my dr about making more changes:... READ MORE

Minor Tip Plasty w/ sutures alone under local?

The thing that bothers me most about my nose is my ill-defined tip. I had a consultation with a doctor who said tip plasty alone would be feasible.... READ MORE

Can I have nose deviation corrected in office from 9 year old injury? (photo)

My nose was broken 9 years ago and deviates to the right. From this photo does it appear possible that this could be corrected or at least adjusted so... READ MORE

How long does swelling last after in office revision rhinoplasty?

I had an in office revision rhinoplasty under local anesthesia with rasping done to both sides of the bridge and an ear cartilage graft placed in one... READ MORE

Had Rhinoplasty 9/12/16, unhappy going back in March to have bone rasped and fractured, is this common in-office procedure?

Had rhinoplasty September 12th 2016 not happy with the result,nose is more crooked than before and its raised on one side.My question is im going back... READ MORE

Does anyone perform in-office rhinoplasty surgery in Ontario under local anesthesia? (Photos)

I am interested in knowing if anyone does small reductions in office in Ontario. I want more than injectibles. I'd like a tiny reduction at tip (small... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty and septoplasty done 8 weeks ago and now I can see two bumps on the sides of my nose. (photo)

The doctor removed the dorsal bump and narrowed its laterals, without breaking it, he said. There was an initial bump on the dorso, but it's gone now... READ MORE

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